3 Easy Steps to Get and Boost Wifi Router at Home

3 easy steps to get and boost Wifi Router at home. Well, in this modern world, everyone needs an internet connection, wifi router to do things. Every activity and task has shifted to online networking.

In short, the internet has been transformed from a luxury to a necessity. If you do not have the internet, it seems that you are cut off from the rest of the world and have nothing to do. You just sit there alone!

Different methods: How to get and boost Wifi Router at home

Now the question is how we can get the internet everywhere. There can be numerous ways to do so. You can connect your mobile or any other device with a nearby hotspot. If it is protected through a password, you can simply ask its owner to help you out with that.

As we progress into this world, new innovations are emerging and being used. Even the quality of service given to people is also being improved.

First, mobile networks were not selling us mobile data and internet service at a higher rate. Due to this reason, everyone preferred Wifi Router connections over any other thing.

The second method is to make use of mobile data networks and ask your mobile service provider to provide you with a data bundle or connection which may fulfill your need and is even not that much costly.

However, one thing which always comes to our minds and bothers us is that can we get a Wifi router connection at our home without a router?

Now the issue is, people want mobile data over WIFI Router, so they want a way to somehow connect the unlimited data they have with a WIFI router and share that internet connection with everyone out there.

However, situations are now quite different. Mobile networks have decided to upgrade themselves and they have brought us unlimited 4G bundles. Moreover, who knows they may even bring 5G technology soon.

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 How to get a Wifi router connection?

Mobile hotspots are a blend or a mixture of different software, hardware, and network data services which helps your phone to become equivalent to a WIFI router or modem.

We will now reveal that secret! So it is quite simple! A wireless internet connection can be set up without a WIFI router just by creating an ad-hoc network; however, this may be unreliable in both security and compatibility.

A mobile hotspot is a magical thing that somehow converts your device into a WIFI router. I am just joking; it isn’t magic or something like that. In short, it transforms your mobile device into something which is providing internet connections similar to a WIFI router.

You can use your Windows PC to act as a wireless hotspot and create a local network for your home. This is just simple. You have to use some kind of virtual router program or software on your computer or laptop that lets you share your internet connection on your laptops and desktops with smartphones, tablets, and other wireless devices. One such program is ‘Connectify Hotspot’.  This will keep you connected to the internet every time.

If you have’ Connectify Hotspot’ or any such program then just follow the steps given below.

  • Download that program on your desktop or laptop.
  • Open it and name your hotspot which is usually known as SSID and provide a password. A pro tip: always use symbols, letters, numbers, and even emoticons to make your password more secure and personal.
  • Select the internet connection that you are looking to share.
  • Now just click on ‘start hotspot’ and you are sharing your WIFI connection without a hotspot.
  • Any WIFI enabled devices can easily access and connect to your newly created network.
  • But before doing all that, you should have your computer connected to an internet connection which can be done by first connecting your computer with a mobile hotspot and then proceeding with the above steps.

One thing you should know is that usually in broadband connections, WIFI routers are further connected to the ADSL modem to get you the internet connectivity.

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What to do if you don’t have any such program or application?

So you just need to simply, disconnect that connection of the ADSI, and connect it with your mobile hotspot for your preferred internet connection. What WIFI router will do? It will actually become a repeater!

There is another way to do so, hence you should not worry mate!

  • Switch on your computer or laptop having windows, preferably windows 10.
  • Go to the start button and click on the settings icon.
  • Select ‘network and internet’ option.
  • On the menu on the left side of your screen, press on the ‘Mobile Hotspot’ option.
  • You will see a drop-down box there which will say ‘Share my internet connection from’. All the connections through which your computer or laptop is connected with will be shown there.
  • Opt for the connection you want to share with people at home without a modem.
  • If you want to change the network name or password, you can do it easily just by clicking the edit button there and can put your desired name and passwords.
  • Lastly, move the slider at the top of your screen and click on the ‘Share my internet connection with other devices’ which will make the system ‘On’. Bingo! Your computer is acting as a router!
  • The only thing you need to do before all this is to somehow have to connect your laptop or desktop with an internet connection which can be done by connecting it to someone else’s wifi router connection or by using your mobile hotspot. Note: Always ask the owner of Wifi Router before using someone else’s Wifi router. Using it without permission is illegal and theft.

This will even show you the number of devices connected to your WIFI router or the wireless network that you have just created. This will work only if your computer or laptop, which is acting as a wireless network, is on.

When you switch off the computer or laptop then the wireless connection that you have set up will be gone.

We have brought you a better way to share your data which might just get wasted if we do not use it. This will even save you the cost which you would have to provide to your broadband connections and this may even provide you better speed and connection.

But, we are just being honest, the speed of internet connection solely depends on your internet providers and it can vary. It depends on the distance from the local cell tower, how congested the network is and what bundle you have.

Why no router?

There could be a bunch of reasons why someone may have decided to go without a Wifi router. We will jot those reasons down!

  • There might be a scenario that someone has newly shifted and doesn’t have any Wifi router yet but wants to use the internet for day to day work. Or the old router might have been packed away in such an area that it is difficult to find at the moment.
  • Or a person may be traveling with friends and family and he desires to share the huge bundles of data with them which he or she has gotten free from his or her mobile service providers.
  • A person can even want to get online or use the internet with more than one device at the time so he can create this local network and share the internet and continue doing his or her work.
  • It might be even a case that someone is interested in saving some bucks from not purchasing a Wifi router.

Some cons of this system:

  • The performance of the internet can get worse depending on your computer, original internet providers, and the number of devices connected.
  • Coverage can be bad because most computers don’t have an external antenna!
  • It is limited to a certain number of devices.
  • But this draining of battery is worth it because it is causing you to save money.
  • It continues to chew up your mobile battery as it is continuously working and providing hotspot to the WIFI routers which will surely drain the battery of your device.
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So now you have gotten your answer to the above question. Now you can use the mentioned methods and share and enjoy the internet with anyone at home without going out and looking for different routers in the market.

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