Connect Landline Phone to WIFI Router

I assume that you might be wondering about how to connect your landline phone to WIFI router and this has caused you to come across this article. Right? Well, we can assure that connecting a telephone to a cable landline phone to WIFI router is ‘easy peasy’ if you use a voice over the internet or VoIP service.

Every activity and task has shifted to online networking. In short, the internet has been transformed from a luxury to a necessity. If you do not have the internet, it seems that you are cut off from the rest of the world and have nothing to do. You just sit there alone!

What is a VoIP service?

VoIP service is a type of service in which you transmit your normal phone calls over the internet rather than over phone lines. This provides all the regular services which can be gotten from normal phone lines and in addition to that, it also carries a potential of video conference calls as well.

The connection is quite simple and in no time your system which you would have set up will be up and running.

If it is protected through a password, you can simply ask its owner to help you out with that. As we progress into this world, new innovations are emerging and being used. Even the quality of service given to people is also being improved.

Now the question is how we can get the internet everywhere. There can be numerous ways to do so. You can connect your mobile or any other device with a nearby hotspot.

TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router – Dual B

Now, this is an allrounder. It offers services that even WiFi routers costing multiples of hundreds of dollars don’t.  Also, with more than 9500 reviews most of which are 4.5 out of 5.0 stars makes it the most popular WiFi router of all time.

It is ideal for gamers, with low latency, and high speeds – guaranteed. On top of that, the three antennas project their signals long range. With the four Gigabit LAN ports, you can either connect other routers and make a mesh or connect it to your gaming console and enjoy even higher speeds.

There’s no dodging the Internet bullet nowadays and parents have got to allow their children to use and access the Internet but with Parental Controls built into this awesome router’s parents can control when their children can access the Internet and for how long – well, that’s a relief for me. Need more control? TP-Link Tether app lets you keep an eye on your router and control or even troubleshoot it from anywhere in the world, ease and convenience at its absolute best.

Although it is a very reliable and nice piece of hardware some users did report that the first-time setup was a little tricky for them and took them 2 or even in some cases 3 tries to get it right and once they did those users are more than happy with its performance.

We give this best inexpensive router a solid 8 out of 10 marks.

NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router (R6700)

  • Speeds up to 1750 Mbps (More than 1 Gigabit)
  • Range up to 1500 Square Meters
  • Up to 25 Simultaneous Connections
  • 4 Ethernet Ports
  • 1 USB Port

Now, this is another best wireless router for a home with multiple devices that money can buy, on the cheap! With its best-in-class beamforming antennae, this best wireless router for multiple devices can cover a huge area. We like it because in an average American house you will hardly need a second router to reach the corners of your home.

When it comes to speed over the air medium AC 1750 can reach higher speeds and in our testing, we found it more than capable of handling those latency-intensive games. Holidays, get-togethers, or a huge number of Internet devices? This best DSL modem router can easily accommodate up to 25 devices at once, how cool is that?

It offers better than any other WiFi router Antivirus, hack prevention, parental controls, malware prevention, and history logs but there’s a catch. After the first month’s free trial, it’s a subscription service.

Additionally, the security protocols, the guest WiFi access, the best Firewall, and on-router VPN are there to sweeten the deal. Everyone needs to buy a cheap wifi router like this.

We give this router 7 out of 10 because it offers some services on payment/subscription

TP-Link AC1200 Gigabit Smart WiFi Router

  • Dual-Band Gigabit Wireless Router
  • With 4 Gigabit LAN ports
  • The best 4K streaming by any WiFi Router
  • With AP Mode
  • Long Range – 4 Antennae
  • MU-MIMO – Simultaneous High-Speed Connections

Another one by the TP-Link that qualified our list of recommended 10 Best WiFi Routers and for good reasons too. Life is not only about gaming, not everyone plays multiplayer online games or it’s even safer to say we need a router for more than just gaming.

Streaming, video streaming is the next best and a necessity. I mean who can say that they do not watch Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, IG videos, or even video calls. Video is best when in High-Res, even better 4K. 4K hogs the bandwidth, stresses the router a lot, and having a router that can’t handle high-resolution videos, well, it belongs in the trash!

You got the speed and no buffering, smooth running videos but what about security? Luckily AC-1200 by TP-Link comes factory packed with the best Firewall, parental controls, and with the Mesh App, you can configure it wirelessly from anywhere.

The deal is sweetened even more with its two years warranty and 24/7 technical support. (Some questions and answers on Amazon suggests that you can fit Aliens in this router as well, however, we couldn’t verify those claims)

We give this best wireless router under 50 a solid 8 out of 10 marks.

How can you connect your landline phone to WIFI router?

Now the issue is, people want mobile data over WIFI, so they want a way to somehow connect the unlimited data they have with a Landline Phone toWIFI router and share that internet connection with everyone out there.

To be successful in this, you must understand what actually happens in this type of system. This connection with the landline phone to the WIFI router will enable the conversion of your voice into a digital signal which will be transferred via the internet.

However, before proceeding with this, you should make sure that you have high-speed internet or DSL connection. It is so quick and efficient that it will just take you some minutes to set up your connection and be ready to enjoy the experience.

However, situations are now quite different. Mobile networks have decided to upgrade themselves and they have brought us unlimited 4G bundles. Moreover, who knows they may even bring 5G technology soon.

This will even show you the number of devices connected to your WIFI or the wireless network that you have just created. This will work only if your computer or laptop, which is acting as a wireless network, is on.

When you switch off the computer or laptop then the wireless connection that you have set up will be gone.

Following are the steps to follow:

  • Always be careful when you work with electrical devices. First, power off the modem and your unit before plugging or unplugging any cable at the back of your modem or router.
  • Now locate the port at the rear of the landline phone to WIFI router where the Ethernet cable will go. Connect one end there while connecting another end with the corresponding port at the back of the cable modem or DSL.
  • Take another Ethernet cable and tether it with the LAN port at the rear of the landline phone to WIFI router. The other end should be connected to the Ethernet end of your desktop.
  • Now just take the cable from your analog home phone to the back of the landline phone to WIFI router and connect it to the Router and Phone Adaptor port. It is usually labeled ‘phone 1’. Congratulations! Your landline phone is now connected to the WIFI home system and is ready to use.
  • Just now follow some quick steps. Turn on your desktop or computer which you connected and also turn on the modem and wait until lights are blinking in a regular old fashion as before.
  • Allow some time for the computer and modem to get stable.
  • Then switch on your landline phone to WIFI router and wait until the blinking indicator lights on the WIFI router are green and steady.
  • You have set up the connection. Now just test your system by picking up your handset and listen if there is any dial tone that you can hear. You can make your test call. Note: You don’t need to turn on your PC whenever you need to make a call.

Knowing all that will help you to gain most of the experience from this internet connection on landline because it will largely dominate the speed at which your system can communicate with the internet and share data.

Moreover, if you have a landline phone to WIFI router that serves as a modem as well and has a high-speed internet connection then you can even follow the steps which we are mentioning below.

  • Always power off the electrical device before doing anything with them such as connecting wires etc. So following this protocol, power off your landline phone to WIFI router.
  • Locate the ‘input’ labeled port at the back of your landline phone to WIFI router. This is where you will connect your landline phone.
  • Now take your phone cable and first connect it with your phone base and then connect the corresponding end to the ‘phone ‘labeled port in the input port area.
  • Switch on your landline phone to WIFI router after making sure that your connections are proper. Again check on the indicator lights. If they are green and steady, your system is ready to work.
  • Lastly, make a phone call to test whether you are successful. Usually, you can tell by the dial tone which you can listen to when everything is working in a fine manner.

What should you know before proceeding with these above-mentioned methods?

The number one thing you should always know is what type of internet connection you are using. The second thing to have knowledge about is the speed of your internet connection you have.  What package are you using for your internet connection?

But, we are just being honest, the speed of internet connection solely depends on your internet providers and it can vary. It depends on the distance from the local cell tower, how congested the network is and what bundle you have.

Advice from Experts:

If you smell something fishy or you cannot make your call, then the first thing you should troubleshoot is to check all your wire and cable connections. Even when you can’t hear a dial tone, again check the connections because usually, the problem lies in poor connections of the wires.

Secondly, check that the phone unit which you are using is in the right and proper working conditions. Lastly, if you can’t find any ports or above-mentioned ports at the back of your landline phone to WIFI router or modem then these might not be able to connect your landline phone to WIFI  router.

 Whenever there is a technical problem, always call someone who is an expert in this type of work so that he can analyze the problem and correct it as soon as he or she can.

We have brought you a better way to share your data which might just get wasted if we do not use it. This will even save you the cost which you would have to provide to your broadband connections and this may even provide you better speed and connection.

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Let us now summarize everything; you need a landline phone to WIFI router plus a modem or only just a router and a couple of cables to get your desired connections. Follow the above-mentioned steps and always do work with proper protocol and safety standards.

If you encounter any type of issues or have any queries, it is better to communicate with your internet service provider which can guide you more properly and efficiently.

This will even save your time and will also protect your equipment and system from any damage which can be inflicted if we don’t have the proper knowledge.

Our site deals with reviews of all types of products of various worldwide niches. So this is how you can share your data with everyone!


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