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As we progress into this world, new innovations are emerging and being used. Even the quality of service given to people is also being improved. First, mobile networks were not selling us mobile hotspot and internet service at a higher rate. Due to this reason, everyone preferred Wifi Router connections over any other thing.

However, situations are now quite different. Mobile networks have decided to upgrade themselves and they have brought us unlimited 4G bundles. Moreover, who knows they may even bring 5G technology soon. Now the issue is, people want mobile data over Wifi Router connection, so they want a way to somehow connect the unlimited data they have with a WIFI router and share that internet connection with everyone out there.

If you encounter any type of issues or have any queries, it is better to communicate with your internet service provider which can guide you more properly and efficiently. This will even save your time and will also protect your equipment and system from any damage which can be inflicted if we don’t have the proper knowledge.

Let us now summarize everything; you need a router plus a modem or only just a wifi router and a couple of cables to get your desired connections. Follow the above-mentioned steps and always do work with proper protocol and safety standards.

Why do they want to do that?

It is quite simple, everyone wants to save money so who won’t choose cheap mobile bundles over costly WIFI router connection.

So can we use a mobile hotspot with a WIFI router?

You betcha!

Whenever there is a technical problem, always call someone who is an expert in this type of work so that he can analyze the problem and correct it as soon as he or she can.

We will mention the old way first, that everybody used to do. People usually knew about the Mobile hotspot feature of mobile and they used that feature to share their data with their peeps. But, this method had a limited range. In addition to that, it chewed up your mobile battery like nothing else.

You can check that the phone unit which you are using is in right and proper working conditions. Lastly, if you can’t find any ports or above-mentioned ports at the back of your router or modem then these might not be able to connect your landline with WIFI router.

If you smell something fishy or you cannot make your call, then the first thing you should troubleshoot is to check all your wire and cable connections. Even when you can’t hear a dial tone, again check the connections because usually, the problem lies in poor connections of the wires.

What is Mobile Hotspot?

We knew, there might be some people who may not know about mobile hotspots yet. So we decided to clear up that before moving forward into the methods.

The number one thing you should always know is what type of internet connection you are using. The second thing to have knowledge about is the speed of your internet connection you have.  What package are you using for your internet connection?

A mobile hotspot is a magical thing that somehow converts your device into a WIFI router. I am just joking; it isn’t magic or something like that. Mobile hotspots are a blend or a mixture of different software, hardware, and network data services which helps your phone to become equivalent to a WIFI router or modem. In short, it transforms your mobile device into something which is providing internet connections similar to a WIFI router.

Knowing all that will help you to gain most of the experience from this internet connection on landline because it will largely dominate the speed at which your system can communicate with the internet and share data.

Advantages of sharing your data through WIFI router than directly from hotspots:

Well, there are a couple of advantages of the method that we will mention later over your traditional method of sharing your data bundles through hotspots.

  1. Through WIFI router you can also provide an internet connection to those devices which require a wire to connect them to the internet. This is not possible through just hotspot connections.
  2. Directing connecting your mobile devices to a hotspot has some limits. You cannot connect more than a certain number of devices through your hotspot. On the contrary, if you are using a router or modem, you can connect a large number of devices and enjoy the internet.
  3. In hotspots, the existing peer to peer and local network have to reconfigure their network configuration.

How can we connect a mobile hotspot with a WIFI router?

One thing you should know is that usually in broadband connections, WIFI routers are further connected to the modem to get you the internet connectivity. So you just need to simply, disconnect that connection of the ADSI, and connect it with your mobile hotspot for your preferred internet connection. What WIFI router will do? It will actually become a repeater!

However, before proceeding with this, you should make sure that you have high-speed internet or DSL connection. It is so quick and efficient that it will just take you some minutes to set up your connection and be ready to enjoy the experience.

To be successful in this, you must understand what actually happens in this type of system. This connection with the WIFI router will enable the conversion of your voice into a digital signal which will be transferred via the internet.


Here you go; we are now revealing the method. Let us configure it!

  • Login into your WIFI router and go to your wireless section. Then open up the wireless repeater option.
  • The second thing that you have to make sure is that your WIFI hotspot on the mobile is always switched on.
  • Now, at the wireless repeater section, click on the “Repeater Enabled” checkbox.
  • You might get a survey. Perform that site survey.
  • After all that, you will get a message saying that DHCP mode will be disabled if you enable the router.
  • Accept or click okay to that message.
  • This will allow your mobile to work as a DHCP server when connected.
  • After clicking okay on the message, you will see available WIFI connections. If your mobile hotspot is on, it will be detected by the system and your mobile hotspot will be shown in the section of available WIFI connections.
  • Select your mobile hotspot and on the emerging screen give your password detail to allow your system to connect with a mobile hotspot.
  • Click next. Then on your screen just change the IP address to avoid any type of IP conflict and finish this configuration.
  • Now your WIFI router will reboot automatically! It will take almost 30 seconds and the WIFI router will connect to your mobile hotspot and you can now enjoy the internet connection.

This will allow you to connect wired and wireless devices to your unlimited data bundles and will save you your money.


Following are some further benefits:

  • This will help you to create your own local network to share up your files, documents, printers, and network services as before but this time through your mobile network.
  • Mobile hotspot data bundles can be better than broadband connections.
  • Lastly, there wouldn’t be any issue or modification in your LAN (Local Area Network) as it will remain as it was previously with your broadband connection.

Right? Well, we can assure that connecting a telephone to a cable router is ‘easy peasy’ if you use a voice over the internet or VoIP service.

I assume that you might be wondering about how to connect your landline phone with a WIFI router and this has caused you to come across this article.


We have brought you a better way to share your data which might just get wasted if we do not use it. This will even save you the cost which you would have to provide to your broadband connections and this may even provide you better speed and connection.

But, we are just being honest, the speed of internet connection solely depends on your internet providers and it can vary. It depends on the distance from the local cell tower, how congested the network is and what bundle you have.

The only con of this method which we could think of was that it continues to chew up your mobile battery as it is continuously working and providing hotspot to the WIFI routers which will surely drain the battery of your device. But this draining of battery is worth it because it is causing you to save money.

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