What Are Full Range Speakers? Complete Guide 2022

Whenever we go shopping for Full Range Speakers, we come across the term “What is Full Range Speakers?”.

Not knowing the term is fine because you were probably never exposed to it so far.

Let’s face it.

Why would someone need to get into its details unless they need to do something about it?

Since now we’re here let’s get into the pending details.

What Is Full Range Speakers And How It Works?

This term basically means that the full range speakers are capable of reproducing whatever sounds frequencies humans are capable of hearing without the need for any other equipment.

If you want to listen to music, you need some kind of output device which provides your ears with your favorite songs and tunes, whether you are listening with your group of friends or alone via earphones or headphones.

However, while buying a sound system like so you will have to decide what place you want it in and also study these details so you are satisfied by the size, the location, and the quality of the sound these speakers provide to fulfill your needs.

This and other such projects are DIY efforts and might not be as accurate and good as market products. The quality of these homemade Bluetooth speakers depends upon your tech skills.

Full-range speakers have been widely used by people specially when a high range of sound production is required among a good number of people and gatherings. Considering they are the Full range speaker you used for your headphones, these full-range speakers are a perfect fit for almost all sorts of choices and needs.

Always be careful when you are working with wires and electricity and follow all electricity safety protocols to save yourself from any kind of harm. You can even take the help of a technician when you are designing your Bluetooth speakers.

Their ability to provide you with a big range of sounds is unbeatable. They do not cover the sound by changing it and are able to recreate the sound without adding anything else to it.

It is about delivering the sound just as it was created because as the name suggests, the full-range speakers can hold different frequencies they automatically give a better sound performance to the user. They are able to reproduce a full audio range.

What Difference Does It Make To Have A Full Range Speaker?

There is some full-range speaker like subwoofers or micro-cube speakers that can only reproduce a limited range of frequencies. Speakers normally have a very low-frequency range which is around 60-70Hz.

The reason why they are called a Full Range speaker is that they are supposed to handle a full range of frequencies using only one driver. A three-way Full Range Speakers would use 3 separate drivers for the full audio range.

If I speak more precisely, full-range speakers are always in need when you want to communicate something to a large audience such as during speech and debate competitions or even during political campaigns.

But now let us shift our focus on the actual question and address it. Speakers just serve the purpose of amplifying sounds by addressing the sound vibrations in the air.

Understanding Human Sound Range

We, humans, are capable of hearing multiple ranges of tones; this is generally stated to be around 20cHz to 20,000 Hz. Hertz (Hz) means cycles per second. To give you a fair sketch of what this means, let’s talk about the piano keyboard sounds we hear.

The lowest note that a human ear can hear on a piano resonates at 27.5 Hz, while the highest note on a piano that we can hear would approximately be around 4186.01 Hz.

But, this method had a limited range. In addition to that, it chewed up your mobile battery like nothing else. People usually knew about the hotspot feature of mobile and they used that feature to share their data with their peeps.

This explains the sound frequencies we are able to hear normally and this way you can get a better understanding. That’s not where it ends; we can hear much lower than the sound the lowest piano note creates and hear much higher than it too.

How Does It Work?

Whenever you are doing such a project, the first thing to always make sure of is that you have all the supplies with you.  You can check that the phone unit which you are using is in the right and proper working conditions.

Lastly, if you can’t find any ports or above-mentioned ports at the back of your router or modem then these might not be able to connect your landline with a WIFI router.

A Full Range Speaker converts all the variations in voltage to variations in sound pressure. For any production that needs amplification, loudspeakers are obviously a requirement.

If you ever plan on buying this sound system, you will need to understand what sort of production they need to be used for, how loud you need them, how much power they need, and what sort of area they will be placed in.

Knowing all that will help you to gain most of the experience from this internet connection on the landline because it will largely dominate the speed at which your system can communicate with the internet and share data.

How To Get The Best For Yourself?

Full range speaker in any live sound needs to be able to fulfill the following main functions:

  • Loudspeakers should be loud for the programmed style and size of the area they are supposed to cover.
  • Loudspeakers need to be able to give sound equally to all areas of listening.
  • Loudspeakers should be able to minimize the spread of sound to places they are not supposed to cover (walls, ceiling, floor, and – most of all – performance or the stage area).

It is beneficial if you keep these points in mind when looking for them that they

  • should have a very flat frequency response
  • the sound they give off is fine at all times
  • the tone of the sound is similar at all volumes
  • In all audience positions, they sound familiar intones.
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How To Know If Your Speakers Are Full-Range?

Look at the minimum frequency response of your speakers in order to determine whether your speakers are full range or not. Remember, the concern is the low-end frequency response and not the high-end frequency response.

They are not full-range speakers if they are not rated for a minimum of 20Hz. Generally, if your speakers are coming with subwoofers, they are probably not the full range.

Headphones, however, tend to be full-range since they do not have subwoofers.

However, setting your headphones at that high sound can cause audio distortions.

Basically, the audio controller and quality of the headphones that you are using determine whether they are fit to be called full range or not.

Large and Small Speakers

According to their meanings, a “large” speaker would be able to easily reproduce a full range of frequencies (low, high, mid) most speakers can also pass mid-range and high range frequencies.

However, there are certain speakers that do not have the ability to pass a lot of low-end frequencies. Such type of speakers is small bookshelf speakers or satellite speakers.

These would be ideally called the “small” speakers since they are able to pass a whole range of frequencies (low) is limited.

Speakers that are known to be small will pass frequencies over the appointed crossover point.


We hope that you know that answer clearly after reading our article. Full Range Speakers are able to perform all ranges of frequencies that humans can hear however, they are mostly focused on performing higher range frequencies. These speakers sound different than multi-way speakers.

These speakers only use a single drive to reproduce sounds. If you are looking for a speaker that spreads sound to your required area according to your wanted high-range sound, this speaker would work the best for you.

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