How to build a Bluetooth Speaker In 13 Easy Steps

Today we are back with another interesting topic “How to build a Bluetooth Speaker in 13 Easy Steps?”. Are you willing to DIY Bluetooth Speaker on your own?

Let’s assume everyone reading this would surely have heard some kind of music at different phases of their lives.

And believe me or not, most of us will whole-heartedly have consent with me that music carries a therapeutic potential. Read the following words of American musician Billy Joel yourself:

“I think music in itself is healing.”

Now you people might be pondering about how music heals. The answer to this is quite simple, the music carries emotional weightage, and anything which causes an emotional response in us surely acts as a healer. You can also DIY Bluetooth Speaker, keep reading, we have explained in detail.

In short, music has a long, deep connection with us which has continuously helped us to evolve as human beings.

How To Build a Bluetooth Speaker?

The answer to this query is certainly a ‘yes’. As we progress into this world, new technology items are in the trend and being used. Even the quality of service given to people is also being improved. DIY Bluetooth Speaker is a fun game to do.

First, mobile networks were not selling us mobile data and internet service at a higher rate. Due to this reason, everyone preferred WIFI connections over any other thing.

If you want to listen to music, you need some kind of output device which provides your ears with your favorite songs and tunes.

Whether you are listening with your group of friends or alone via earphones or headphones.

Another question which you can put forward can be:

Does Only Music Require Bluetooth Speakers?

The answer is a big NO! Speakers just serve the purpose of amplifying sounds by addressing the sound vibrations in the air. If I speak more precisely, portable speakers are always in need when you want to communicate something to a large audience such as during speech and debate competitions or even during political campaigns.

But now let us shift our focus on the actual question and address it.

Now the issue is, people want mobile data over WIFI, so they want a way to somehow connect the unlimited data they have with a WIFI router and share that internet connection with everyone out there. We will mention the old way first, that everybody used to do.

People usually knew about the hotspot feature of mobile and they used that feature to share their data with their peeps. But, this method had a limited range. In addition to that, it chewed up your mobile battery like nothing else.

However, situations are now quite different. Mobile networks have decided to upgrade themselves and they have brought us unlimited 4G bundles. Moreover, who knows they may even bring 5G technology soon.

Why Do We Need A Bluetooth Speaker?

Let us be honest with each other, nobody wants to stand near a speaker at a party or concert while their phone is plugged in. This is where this Bluetooth technology comes up to our rescue! By using this technology, you can change songs and enjoy quality music without being stuck near a speaker.

If you smell something fishy or you cannot make your call, then the first thing you should troubleshoot is to check all your wire and cable connections.

Even when you can’t hear a dial tone, again check the connections because usually, the problem lies in poor connections of the wires.

DIY Bluetooth Speaker Kit:

  • Bluetooth Module
  • Amp
  • 4-ohm full-range speakers
  • 12 V Power supply
  • Ground Loop Isolator
  • Audio Taper Pot (Optional)
  • DP-DT Switch(Optional)
  • LED(Optional)
  • 470 ohm, ½ Watt Resistor (Optional)
  • Wire clipper
  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder

Method To Follow:

Now as you have collected all your equipment and supplies that you may need, so be ready to follow the given steps and make your own dream Bluetooth speakers. The steps are:

  • Remember, an Amp and Bluetooth speaker module requires a power supply so you should connect both of them with a single power supply. We have recommended you to use a 12 V power supply. Cutting and screwing wires in your BT module and Amp with correct wire terminals will fulfill this step.
  • Now our next step is to get audio from our Bluetooth speaker module and transfer it to Amp so that it can amplify it. But there is a problem which you might encounter. As we have suggested you share the power, it may cause buzzing in your speaker. Now you might be cursing me I guess and throwing questions on me about why did you make us do this? But don’t worry! We use our ground loop isolator which you should wire in between your amp and Bluetooth speaker module. Again, don’t stress on which end goes where it can work on either end!
  • While connecting all these wires to get your preferred connections, use solder and soldering iron to make those wires intact with their respective parts. Remember to have a proper and clean connection.
  • What you should do next is to grab your speakers which can be old or new, it doesn’t matter. Check at their back what ohm they are as we recommend you to use a 4-ohm speaker.
  • Now again you have to use your soldering equipment to attach the wires to speaker terminals and the screw terminals on the board. Go ahead and do this!
  • Now you can relax a little while as your basic electronics are done! Now just turn on your creation by powering it with some batteries and connect your Bluetooth device. If you hear any kind of pop sound when you start your system, you can avoid it by adding a DP-DT switch in between the speakers and amp. This acts as a mute button.
  • Now, wait for a minute for your amplifier (amp) to stabilize and then enable your speakers.
  • Your Bluetooth device which is connected will be shooting music or sound at full volume which can be controlled by the device which you have connected it with. Or if you want to go a step further, try connecting a volume knob.
  • After checking that it is working properly, you can customize your Bluetooth speakers by putting them in a decorative box or some kind of case. It is all up to you! Let your creative sixth sense tingle a little bit!

Bingo You Have Your DIY Bluetooth Speaker Made!

Some General Advice:

This and other such projects are DIY efforts and might not be as accurate and good as market products. The quality of these homemade Bluetooth speakers depends upon your tech skills. Secondly, always be careful when you are working with wires and electricity and follow all electricity safety protocols to save yourself from any kind of harm. You can even take the help of a technician when you are designing your Bluetooth speakers.


Let us put all of this process in a nutshell. The most essential component to Build a Bluetooth Speaker is its Bluetooth module which obviously provides your device the capability of Bluetooth connection.

Now we hope that you know the trick behind the manufacturing of Bluetooth speakers and are even ready to build one with your own hands after knowing how to build a bluetooth speaker! These Bluetooth speakers are a great source of enhancing your listening experience!

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