Different Painted Dining Table Ideas for Kitchen

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Hey, are you looking to choose a Dining table for the kitchen, and at the same time you are stuck in a loophole, and can’t seem to put your fingers on a perfect kitchen table? What shape and size, what material and style, and what finish and color you should consider while choosing a kitchen table? Here we discuss Different Painted Dining Table Ideas for your Kitchen.

Different Painted Dining Table Ideas

If you’re moving to a new place, or if your old dining table’s deep finish is fed up because of countless spills and merciless smites — now is the time you might need a brand new eat-in table in your house…

And, in this ultimate guide, you’ll discover exactly how to choose a kitchen table that perfectly matches your needs and home decor…

So, without wasting any more time, let’s just jump right into it,

shall we?

How to Choose the Right Dining Table? Best Factors!

Here are all the vital key points you should be aware of before you spend your hard-earned money on a table for the kitchen.

Have a look.

Be Decisive

You have to decide whether you want your dining table to be an eat-in table in the kitchen or you want it to be the center of attention. What I mean is, usually, the dining table is the place where we hang out, sit, converse, throw birthday parties, or kids write their homework.

So, you have to think long-term, and decide early on, what purpose you want to use it for?

And that leads me to another important matter.

Survey the Space

Where will you place the dining table? In the kitchen, unused most of the time, or somewhere else where people come by round the clock?

Because you need enough room for the table to place AND you also need enough room around the table (chairs included) so you can walk around freely, and not feel conjured up as you’d feel in a cell.

So, assess the space, and get it right before paying.

Sense the Style

That’s the part where most folks feel befuddled.

You need to question yourself, or your wife, what style you’d love to sit around, eat, and talk to? Or when was the last time you were somewhere and you really loved the style of the kitchen table so much that you couldn’t even take your eyes off it?

Was it like a farmhouse style? Or a real-rustic finish? Or something with a Smokey grey top?

Also, keep in mind that whatever style you may choose, must match your home’s decor. You want it all linear and perfect because…style speaks.

Material Matters

Choosing what material you’d go for is also a challenge.

Bamboo or wood works best against normal wear and tears, spills, and fingerprints. They deliver an all-natural warmth, and Bamboo is, in fact, very eco-friendly. You can get a ton of different options, with different shapes and styles, and colors.

While, marble and concrete material feels classy, and looks eye-catching. Concrete tabletops are durable but may exhibit spotting. A marble slab sits at the top of a wooden or metal leg, and you have a bunch of different styles and finishes you can choose from.

But at the same time, marble requires more care and more money. 

So, what material are you okay with?

wooden kitchen table
wooden kitchen table
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Pick the Right Size

How many people are you expecting to sit at your table in the kitchen?

Almost two feet of space is enough for a single person to eat comfortably.

Here’s the chart that will help you decide what size you should get so that ‘enough’ people can get served simultaneously.

Diameter (Inches)

Round and Square Oval and Rectangular


4  people

4 people


6  people

6 people


6  people

6 people

96 8  people

Hard to find the size

120 10  people

Hard to find the size

Painted Dining Table Ideas: Different Table Shapes

Alright, this is super important.

Dining tables come in a bunch of different shapes, and I’m gonna discuss this important question below: what shape would work best for you?

Read below…

Square Tables

If you live in a square-shaped dining room, a square-shaped dining table will work well together. These tables feel more casual because of the smaller size, so, I personally feel, they’re super-cute for a small family of four or less.

But, here’s a catch.

As these are ideal for four or fewer people, you’ll need to purchase extension tables if you ever need to expand and create more space for more people.

Square Kitchen Tables
Square KitchenTables

Rectangular Tables

These are common-shaped tables that most folks vibe with because (of course) almost all rooms are in a rectangular matrix. These can cater to more people at once.

But check you get at least 42 to 46 inches wide space on the table so that you can eat comfortably on both sides.

Also, these tables cover a lot of space when you include chairs on both sides.

But, here’s the solution you might wanna try…

If you place linear benches on both sides, you can save some space. Of course, not to the point that you’ll be able to park your car around, but still, who would mind some extra steps of freedom…

Anyways, in the end, you’re to decide to depend upon your needs.

Rectangular Kitchen Tables
Rectangular Kitchen Tables

Round Tables

Just like square ones, round tables are also super-cute because they feel so easy-going. There will be no head chair, you can just come, sit, and exit freely without the chances of tangling in the edges of the table.

Again, these are made for smaller gatherings, but you can buy a large-sized round table if you’ve got more company.

round kitchen table
round kitchen table

Oval Tables

I feel they’re much more like a rectangular-shaped table, except they don’t have corners. And that’s the best part. Why? Because the curved shape occupies less space, so you can have larger gatherings in smaller rooms, where you can’t place a rectangular table.

Also, (and I don’t want to sound like a poet or something), I feel they create some sort of a visual drama that feels more engaging while you sit around them and conversate.

What do you think?

Oval kitchen table
Oval kitchen table

Extensions…You Might Need Them In The Near Future

Alright, so you have decided on the style, material, shape, and size.

What’s next?

Maybe you’re forgetting something.

You might need extension tables sooner; at parties, at larger family gatherings, or you may soon have an army of beautiful kids.

So, it is wise to assess earlier how much space you’d need when installing extensions. You must have ‘enough’ space around the table, so even when you install those expanding tables, you must have at least two feet of space so you can sit and exit serenely.

Conclusion – Choose a Right Table for the kitchen

Now that you are aware of every fact and feature, you can purchase your brand new kitchen table online with full confidence.

Remember, reviews will be mixed on every dining table online — some awesome and some horrible.

But, you can get help from our ultimate list of best kitchen tables that we have ranked after extensive research. This list will save you tons of time and effort because you’ll have top-rated options on your screen, you just have to click and buy the table you vibe with…

In the end, I hope this guide on choosing the right kitchen table was immensely helpful.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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