How To Clean Battery Terminals?

We all have been on that stage where we enjoy battery-powered gadgets and the nuisance it creates when the battery terminals get corroded. In my opinion, this corrosion is also one of the main reasons that people throw all the electric gizmos because they simply think that it is impossible to use them again.

However, this article is written specially on How to Clean Battery Terminals, so that you can enjoy those toys and gadgets for a longer time. We hope that this article is effective for you.

How To Clean Battery Terminals?

There are a couple of security tips to remember when getting ready to clean battery terminals.

To begin with, security glasses and gloves ought to be worn to shield your eyes and skin from sulfuric corrosive which may stay in the wear stores.

What’s more, these materials can consume when painting your vehicle, so ward them off too.

Since the measure of soil and wear on the batteries may contrast from one another, cleaning battery terminals will fluctuate, you might need to play out a couple of steps beneath.

In some cases to evacuate such wear and grime so gravely, you may even need to expel the battery from the vehicle.

How To Clean Battery Terminals on Toys?

  • To start with, scratch off any white or green erosion stores with the fiber brush, the metal scrubber, or the little plastic scrubber. At that point utilize an answer of heating soft drink blended in with water, a full tablespoon of every 16 ounces of water.
  • Apply it cautiously to the outside of the battery and its cable associations with a turkey bat or a little channel. From that point forward, you can utilize the brush to make a heating soft drink arrangement in exceptionally destructive zones.
  • If you notice that the clasp or the parts of the bargains are unequivocally eroded in the battery, you can confine them for simpler cleaning. For this, you may need to utilize different clasps, switches, and a little battery cable puller to detach it. You should initially isolate the negative, trailed by the positive.
  • At that point use scrubbers or brushes for the battery cable to expel scraped area from the terminals and shafts of the battery and to fix the clasps and the backings. Wash these parts with a preparing soft drink answer to dispose of any destructive impacts.
  • At that point wash the outside of the battery and the cable and latches end with a fluid cleaner in a splash bottle.
  • From that point onward, utilize a wipe or fabric to dispose of the staying soil or oil. Subsequent to cleaning everything, dry the battery and the entirety of its parts with a dry fabric or material.
  • The last advance is to reinstall any expelled parts and fix everything until it is secure. Reconnect the battery, positive cable first. You have wrapped up! Your battery is presently protected and clean.

What Is Corrosion And How To Deal With It?

Corrosion can be described as a natural process. In this process, metals try to take the most chemically stable form. This process is slow and it causes the destruction of the metal because of the chemical reactions with the environment.

For knowledge, corrosion in the batteries is caused by potassium hydroxide which usually leaks out from the alkaline battery terminals. This happens usually when the battery terminals discharge. This leakage of chemicals results in the corrosion of terminals.

The phenomenon behind this leakage is that chemicals in the terminals do some reactions which produce hydrogen gas which creates pressure within the airtight battery terminals. As the hydrogen gas can’t escape, the battery swells up and the pressure eventually ruptures the battery insulation.

This creates a path for gas to escape and a solution inside the battery to leak.

Some other frequent corrosion reasons could be that the battery gets overheated or you might have placed the toy, inserted with batteries, in a humid place, and even sometimes recharging of the battery causes corrosion.

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What This Leakage And Corrosion Can Do?

This leakage of solution holds up on the battery terminals and compartments which if not stopped in time may lead to corrosion of battery terminals rendering the toy not functioning properly. This is because; corrosion prevents any transmission from the battery to the electronic sections of the toys.

What Is The Solution To This Problem?

Well, the solution to this problem is to cautiously remove the corrosion. But how? Don’t stress out so much; we are here for your help.

Warning: You have to be careful when you are going to clean battery terminals because leaked solutions can be harmful and dangerous for anything including you. The acidity and alkalinity in those solutions may cause those leaked solutions to be corrosive as well.

Be Careful!  Always take precautionary measures. Prevention is better than getting harmed.

Materials Required:

  • Vinegar or lemon. You can choose any of the three materials available.
  • Water: Hot water is preferred over cold water but cold water can even work.
  • Clean water to clean things again.
  • A toothbrush, a cotton bud, a battery terminal brush, or fine sandpaper. Choose anything from them which is available to you.
  • Have paper towels and cotton swabs.
  • Always have protective gear such as gloves and masks.
  • If it is dark where you are working, you also must have a flashlight.

What To Do Now When You Have Arranged All Necessary Materials?

Just follow the following steps.

  • First of all, wear protective gear. Moreover, if you are accidentally exposed to chemicals, quickly rinse the exposed part with cold water and soap. If it is serious, rush to the nearby clinic.
  • Remove the batteries from the battery components of the gadgets. If they aren’t getting out, use a screwdriver to pry them out.
  • After removing the batteries, clean them with hot water.
  • Apply some vinegar or anything which you have chosen from the above-mentioned list, with a toothbrush or cotton bud. This will help to neutralize the alkalinity.
  • Use paper towels to clean away any debris and rust.
  • If you hear any kind of fizzing sound, don’t panic. It is just chemical reactions that are taking place between corrosion and solutions.
  • Now be patient and leave the better components alone for some time.
  • Afterward, use a cotton swab to pick up the leftover rust and debris.
  • Later, apply grease or petroleum jelly which will slow down the formation of corrosion in the future at the terminal ends.
  • The battery terminals are new as before. Now you can put back your new batteries or old ones if they are in workable condition, and your toy is good to go.
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Preventing Formation of Corrosion:

  • Here is some general advice to stay away from this scenario:
  • Never keep toys and batteries in damp, wet, and moist places.
  • Prefer to lubricate battery terminals with grease or petroleum jelly.
  • Always purchase hose batteries that are manufactured by high-quality brands.
  • Always clean your batteries after removing them. Also, clean the battery components with a cloth.
  • When not in use, remove the batteries.
  • Have a habit of changing batteries periodically.
  • Never use expired batteries.
  • Store batteries at 30 degrees Celsius as batteries are temperature sensitive.
  • In some cases, keep batteries away from children as they might chew and damage the batteries.

What To Do If You Were Using Acidic Batteries?

There are two types of batteries: Acidic and Alkaline. Mostly, an alkaline battery is used and the above-mentioned method is for alkaline-based batteries. But, if you are a person who uses an acidic battery, again you don’t need to worry. We have all covered up here for you.

For acidic batteries, use baking soda and water instead of vinegar, or lemon. Moreover, rubbing alcohol may also help when corrosion is less intense.


We hope, after going through this article and following the guidelines step by step, you might have got the solution to your problem. We agree that you had a perception of cleaning batteries as a daunting and complex task but believe us, it is quite simple.

We also suggest you keep a check on your electronic devices every few months to catch the corrosion at the early stages and tackle the problem more easily. That’s it! You have managed to bring the dead terminals back to life once again. We hope you liked this article and our solution.

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