How To Fold Baby Clothes?

Do you often feel space problems in your wardrobe? How will you manage the cabinet space when there is an addition of one more member in your family? We all have seen newborn babies and have seen them growing up. Some of you, who are reading this article “how to fold baby clothes“, may be expecting baby clothes soon or even have a little cute baby clothes boy or girl in their homes. Wish you good luck.

Let get into it.

The amazing thing about having a baby in your house is that it brings happiness. Moreover, babies aren’t only lovely and sweet, but their clothes are also adorable.

Those tiny baby clothes with tiny hands are quite appealing. But as they are tiny, it is difficult to fold them because of tiny zippers and creases which present unique challenges, and then placing them in drawers. Most of the parents have a lot of trouble fitting all the baby clothes in a single place in a drawer. This usually frustrates them!

Some people might even think that it is quite near to impossible to “how to fold baby clothes” and fit all the baby clothes into small spaces such as cabinets and drawers without decluttering the baby clothes.

However, it is far away from the truth. If you keep those baby clothes in a neat and organized manner after folding them properly, I guarantee you that you will be amazed to see how much space is left for other clothes.

Let us discuss some folding methods!

Traditional Folding Method

This is one of the most common methods in use by moms all over the world. It is of folding the clothes and stacking up on top of each other. What is the problem of doing that?

Well, when you have to select clothing which is in the middle, you would have to pick up a bunch of other clothes which will eventually disorganize everything.

Now, a question might be popping up in your mind! What to do then? The solution lies in the KonMari method.

The KonMari Method of “How To Fold Baby Clothes”

This is a technique, which was discovered by or rather formed by Marie Kondo and it primarily focuses on organization. In this method, a folding technique is used that allows folding garments to stand up straight. The perks of this method are that you can organize and see everything making it easy to select clothes for your lovable baby clothes.

How To Implement The KonMari Method?

There are some general rules which you have to keep an eye on. Let us mention those:

  • To aid your folding and make it easier, do it on a clean, flat surface.
  • Always have a habit of flattening the garment as you fold. This is a secret tip to prevent you from getting bulky end products of folds.
  • Have a stand-up test after folding so that after folding, the clothes stand up on their own.
  • Always, when placing the clothes in the drawer, try to leave some space at the top.
  • Always organize to make more space.

So now let us discuss the folding of each garment separately.

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How To Fold Onesies?

For using the KonMari method, lay the onesie flat on a hard surface and fold it inwards, lengthwise, and tuck in the sleeves. Smooth the fold and any bumps or wrinkle it may have. Now start from the bottom and fold the onesie into the third some of the people want to know how to fold onesies. This will allow your onesie to stand up straight in the drawer while taking minimal space.


According to the KonMari method, fold one side of the shirt over the other. Take the sleeves and fold them into the panel you just made. Repeat the same thing with the other side. Flatten any bumps or wrinkles which may form. The next thing is to fold the shirt in half with a little gap at the end and then fold the shirt into thirds. Bingo! Now you can place them easily in drawers.


The first step to follow is to lay the pants flat on a hard surface and fold one leg over the other. Then fold the legs in half horizontally to the waist. Fold it in half again. Then place those pants in drawers in such dimensions that it stands up straight. The same can be done with shorts.

Baby Sleepers:

Folding sleepers or footie pajamas are similar to onesies. Lay them on a flat surface. Fold the sleeves in first. Then fold the two feet until they are almost folded in half. Lastly, fold them twice to make a tri-fold and file it in the drawer.


The KonMari method makes the folding and placing of socks more efficient. Place one sock on top of others. Then just fold them in half. Here you go1 How simple it was!

Now as you are aware of the folding technique. We think that we should also provide you some tips which may even make your drawers more spacious.

Pros and Cons of Baby Clothes Folding

Small kids are the most awesome and adorable animals in this tremendous world. Kids have multiple times more touchy skin than grown-ups, so they likewise need additional extraordinary consideration for each and every individual who sits tight for the clothes or baby items we use for them.

If you don’t have the foggiest idea of what to buy for your infant, you don’t need to be humiliated or stressed in light of the fact that there are such a large number of guardians like you out there.

Just because, numerous guardians are befuddled about buying clothes for their youngster. From my experience, I disclose to you that buying clothes for these magnificent little youngsters is an exceptionally energizing errand.

From the experience of bringing up two youngsters, I might want to share a few things that need not be done when buying clothes for your kid.

Offer Need To Texture:

There are various kinds of textures accessible available for touchy baby skin. Continuously remember that a kid’s skin is more delicate than you might suspect, which is the reason guardians are searching for a delicate, smooth, and skin-accommodating surface. You can flip the texture from within to the outside and feel the delicate quality with your hand.

Children effectively get rashes, so protect them by treating with effective rashes remedies. Attempt to maintain a strategic distance from unforgiving things and scratches, as this can hurt the baby’s delicate skin. Cotton is in this way the best choice. The cotton texture recoils by 10% after the principal wash; Buy a couple of sizes before your youngster’s genuine size.

Decent Clothes That Give You A Cheerful Youngster:

Continuously buy a decent bit of fabric for your youngster. Maintain a strategic distance from difficult stains on apparel. Do whatever it takes not to wear a neckline or an adaptable neckline. The neckline and the spots make the texture delightful yet it isn’t happy for the baby and can cause a rash on the baby’s neck.

You will just lament 5 minutes of applying it to your baby’s wonderful body. Ensure the texture you buy has enough space to fit the kid’s head; putting a limited fabric in the baby’s head can hurt it in a few different ways.

Acquisition of Apparel Contingent Upon Climate Conditions: 

Continuously buy the correct clothes for your kid dependent on various climate conditions. For the winter season, consider one-piece attire that keeps the baby’s feet warm. Abstain from something like stays the youngster’s midsection and make them Decent.

Try not to buy pants or jeans, despite the fact that they are popular in light of the fact that they are not happy. For the mid-year season, search for an open cotton top with delicate shorts. Buy clothes that can shield you from the warmth.

Set Aside Cash: 

Don’t generally buy a baby material, consistently search for a couple of sizes before its real size, the explanation is that infants develop rapidly and a few textures recoil by 10% after the principal wash.

A few stores sell less expensive clothes when buying in gatherings, which doesn’t mean you just buy all the clothes for the late spring. If your kid is 8 months old, likewise buy baby clothes from 14 to year and a half old. You can even sell old utilized baby clothes on different sites.

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Maintain A Strategic Distance From The Danger of Suffocation:

Continuously maintain a strategic distance from clothes with additional buttons and zippers, your valuable youngster may inadvertently swallow them and, now and again, consistently search for broken fastens and zippers on the kid’s texture in the event of fix or Change of texture.

In summer, buy open-neck shirts for youngsters, and for the winter season, buy one-piece clothes without buttons on the sleeves.

Try Not To Buy Costly Present-Day Clothes: 

Try not to buy costly clothes for your youngster, there are two purposes to this. The first is that kids grow up quicker, and soon these costly clothes are useless.

Summer clothes are futile in winter and the other way around. The second most significant explanation is that stylish clothes are not happy for youngsters who have spots, extra squeezed buttons, and numerous different things that can aggravate a kid’s skin until they give it red spots.

Try Not To Buy Tight Flexibility: 

Attempt to maintain a strategic distance from tight versatile jeans, pants, and shirt sleeves. A restricted versatile texture can make the baby truly awkward and can scratch a piece of the body where the elastic back rub is found. Continuously search for shorts, shorts with almost no flexibility. Continuously consider skin-accommodating apparel for baby.

A few hints that parents need to consider:

  • Buy moderate colors for the infant.
  • Pick the texture that doesn’t make an issue for the baby’s relaxing.
  • Attempt to discover the explanation if the baby cries continually, the clothes can upset him.
  • Try not to buy tight baby clothes, consistently search for a size somewhat bigger than genuine baby clothes.
  • Pick baby clothes that are easy to put on and take off.
  • Baby gloves and socks need to be exceptionally delicate.
  • Give extra consideration to the baby’s neck, hands, feet, and stature.
  • If you like style, search for it, however, remain in the baby’s usual range of familiarity.
  • If there are continuous limits and don’t buy baby clothes in mass for a season, think shrewd.

Hacks For Baby Clothes:

We will mention some folding methods below.

  • If some clothes might not be properly folded by the KonMari method, you can use the roll-up method. It is especially used for shirts and onesies.
  • Simply fold up the sleeves and roll the garment in a cylinder. You can do the same thing with pants after folding them over one another.
  • We are aware that baby bibs might be awkward to fold but believe me you just need to fold the neck strap up and simply roll them and place them.
  • It is a pro tip from us. If you are thinking of folding bulky heavy baby clothes such as coats and other baby clothes. Don’t do that. Use hangers instead!
  • You can even use hanger dividers to act as separators which will help you organize your baby clothes more efficiently and will make it easier to select proper clothes on time in the future.


So let us fold up this article as well! We hope that till now you will have fallen in love with the KonMari method of “how to fold baby clothes” and will surely implement it so that you have enough space for your adorable baby clothes.

In short, the KonMari method makes this daunting task of folding a fun activity.

However, if you prefer a different method, then it is not a big issue. The key is to fold them properly and neatly and organize them in a systematically arranged manner.

Lastly, the fewer Baby clothes you have the better it is! We hope this article was effective.

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