How To Reseal a Water Bottles?

Although water bottles are mainly made with breakaway caps which once ripped off, can’t be used again. For decades the water bottles industry is trying its best to cope with illegalized usage of their water bottles like for Refiling, resealing water bottles, hiding the alcohol, or overcoming the smuggling issues using these water bottles.

Smuggling issues! No need to be stunned let me give you a real-life example “Indonesian police have arrested a smuggler who was trying to smuggle rare birds in plastic water bottles(BBC News, MAY 2015),

But he was caught because he was trying to hide the white-colored birds which were way easier for security agencies to detect or suspect. But the practice of sneaking alcohol and resealing bottles is very common nowadays or you can say somehow trending these days.

Clueless Water Bottles Resealing

Hiding alcohol is a common practice for quite long or resealing water bottles with substandard water bottles has also become easier these days. How those people do this let me chop it down for you in a few smarter and simpler steps:

  1. Primary thing is to get as many water bottles for resealing bottles as you need for the particular type of job whether refilling or hiding.
  2. Pour off water from a few of them and take out the sealed ring with you, which means after doing this you would be left with a plastic bottle only without a cap or seal.
  3. The next step for resealing water bottles is a bit tricky as you have to cut the other water bottles for reseal (sealed) just below the seal point. This means after cutting it with a knife you would be left with a sealed cap without the bottle, containing a plastic bottle head within the cap. (Preferable take white-capped bottles) This time seal should be intact with a cap, which means temper resistant seal should not be broken.
  4. Now take a boiling jar or pot of water. Place a sealed cap in the jar.
  5. Boiling water will make expand white plastic top as it’s a harder plastic, but vice versa for the plastic portion of the bottle within the cap.
  6. After some time take them out and you would be pleased to watch that sealed cap has gotten rid of the plastic portion within. Keep the cap for a few hours to cool down.
  7. Now it’s time to take the treat simply pour the desired liquid in the bottle.
  8. Lastly, just place the sealed cape, hopefully, it would fit.

This is a quite simple process of resealing water bottles.

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Important Contemplations

While reseal water bottles few things should be kept in mind; otherwise, the outcome would be no more different as in the case of the Indonesian man:

  • Firstly filling liquid must be clearer akin to water, otherwise, anyone can easily grab you.
  • Secondly, avoid overfilling it, try to keep the level of liquid as it was in the original filling.
  • Thirdly the resealing bottle’s cap and the bottle should be of the same brand. Some people in hurry create a mess of collecting bottles of different brands and then at the end came up with the result that Aquafina’s bottle cap is placed on Nestlé’s bottle.
  • The key is to close it superbly, you should forfeit another bottle of water, so ensure you have enough.
  • We as a whole detest destroying, I don’t have the foggiest idea why spots like shows, celebrations, voyage ships, and so on. Believe it’s alright to charge an individual’s £ 6-10 for a lager, so here’s a straightforward method to transform water into vodka.
  • Unscrew the cap gradually, while keeping the base of the cap and the cap itself squeezed, to keep the two sections associated.
  • I figure you can do it with different personalities however then you should coordinate the hues which will be troublesome!
  • Splash the cap of resealing water bottles in the water until it is totally lowered. Leave it lowered for one moment.
  • Warm a bowl of water into a bubble. Ensure you have a compartment sufficiently enormous to hold the cap of your water bottle.
  • Remove the bottle from the water bottles and watch that it is delicate.


As the water bottles are typically made with separable caps that can’t be shut in the wake of being broken, there are really various approaches to close them.

Nothing is especially simple, however, it tends to be practiced with minimal measure of apparatuses. The secret to shutting the bottle isn’t to break the altered clear seal in any case, however, to evacuate the whole cap and seal as one piece can be put on the bottle.

Before resealing the bottle, ensure that what you are doing is impeccably legitimate.

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