How To Unclog a Double Kitchen Sink ?

Stagnant water and unpleasant smell; don’t you just hate that. However, if you find that experience of clogged sinks in the kitchen sink amusing, then you are quite a weirdo. But for people like us, consider that scenario one of the most unsightly things.

Why Does That Clogging Happen In The Kitchen? 

Well, we all agree that bathroom sinks can be clogged with hair but why does water stop draining when we are scrubbing and washing the dishes? Does it mean that we do our kitchen sink work untidily? The answer to that is a big NO!

Even if you keep your kitchen sink clean and tidy, believe me, or not, one day you are bound to encounter a clogged kitchen sink. So, today we will work on solving this clogging mystery and will provide you with a solution to unclog it and make the water flow normal again!

What Are the Causes of Clogged Kitchen Sinks?

Before trying to explore and solve this mystery, we have to know the reason behind the clogging so that we can minimize our encounters with this situation. Nobody wants to get into this dirty situation quite often. Am I right?

So the main reason behind the clogging of the kitchen sink is grease. Don’t confuse it with machinery and car grease, rather this grease comes from cooking oil which when cooled becomes thick and solid eventually staying inside your drain and causing a blockage. 

Another reason might be the food leftovers that swirl down your drain when you wash your plates and dishes. These small yet large pieces for drain pipes get stuck within those pipes hindering the movement of water down the drain.

There could be a myriad of many other reasons which you may come across but the above mentioned are the major ones. So you can avoid clogging by being careful while washing that no leftover pieces are going down the drain and that it is better to run hot water down the sink after having washed your dishes.

Double Sink and Clogging Problem

So as now we are aware of the reasons, now we can jump into the solutions. So if you have the double kitchen sink in your kitchen sink and one side of it has gotten blocked so before getting started with the process of unclogging, use a stopper or anything to block the second sink.

The Double Sinks are Delightful

Double kitchen sinks can offer mortgage holders numerous advantages as they offer a wide assortment as they are made of various materials and come in numerous shapes and sizes. Double kitchen sinks can be either excessively little or to an extreme (projection), and establishment relies upon client inclinations.

With ledges like rock, smooth stone, or other propelled materials, it is desirable to diminish the sink since it permits you to see more ledges and doesn’t break the visual progression of the ledges.

The kind of double bowl utilized ought to rely upon the proposed use notwithstanding the hues and examples utilized in the general plan of the kitchen. You have to improve the presence of the kitchen, yet the rotate point ought not to occupy from the general appearance of the room.

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Types of Double Sinks

Double sinks have two dishes isolated by a separator. There are a few styles of double sinks. Proprietors can browse equivalent sinks, 60/40 and 70/30 sinks. With an equivalent bowl type, the two sides of the sink are 50/50 equivalent in size and profundity.

With type 60/40, the left bowl is commonly somewhat bigger and more profound than the correct side. With type 70/30, the left bowl is bigger and a lot further than the correct bowl.

Among the three unique sorts, the 60/40 model is absolutely the most well-known sink among the proprietors since it adds a progressively unmistakable appearance to the kitchen while holding its usefulness.

Double sinks arrive in an assortment of materials, and each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Treated steel is a typical material and is generally utilized for cooking utensils. This material is free for most kinds of ledges and hues. Tempered steel can be damaged,

However, numerous producers sell sink nets to fit various models of sinks. These meshes are put at the base of the sink to shield the sink from the surface to surface contact with dishes, dishes, pots, and skillet; this enormously expands the life of your new pot and secures it for a more extended timeframe.

Cast iron is another material frequently used to make double kitchen sinks. Cast iron is extremely safe however exceptionally overwhelming. These sinks frequently require extra backings to guarantee that the sink and work surfaces are not presented to risk.

Different kinds of materials from which sinks are made include copper, acrylic, rock, porcelain, and so forth.

Regardless of whether you’re overhauling another kitchen, whatever style or configuration you’re searching for, you will most likely locate a double sink to suit your preferences and the vibe of your home.

How to Unclog a Double Kitchen Sink with Standing Water?

  • First of all, the first step is to take a cup or pot and try to remove the water from the clogged sink.
  • Secondly, wear gloves and use your hands to pick up the stuck leftovers from the sink and dispose of them properly in a dustbin.
  • Furthermore, you can utilize the plunger which is lying inside your home. Place it on the drain and push it up and down creating vacuum and pressure. This will bring the blocked material towards the plunger.
  • Pick it up and dispose of the garbage. Repeat the above step unless you hear a sound that informs you that the drain is empty. Be patient and eventually, the blockage will be removed.
  • Clean your P-trap as well by removing it. But wait what is P-trap? Don’t panic; it is the curved part of the pipe where food particles and other debris lie. Remove it and rinse it and put it back. Remember to place a bowl or bucket below the drain pipe so that leakage of water may not damage your kitchen cabinet.
  • Now, put water on boiling. As we had mentioned above about running hot water after washing dishes. The logic behind this is that when you pour hot water in the sink at once, it creates pressure, and almost all of the remaining dirt and grease stuck in the drainage well get washed away.
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What Else To Do If It Doesn’t Work?

However, if the above-mentioned method still doesn’t work, you can check your sink garbage disposal and see whether it is blocked. If it is blocked then unblock it. So simple is it! Even you might reset your garbage disposal so try and press the reset button. It commonly solves the drainage problem.

Another useful trick to have it up your sleeve is that you can put half a cup of salt in your sink and then pour boiling water. I mean a lot of boiling water. Hopefully, this homemade remedy may solve your problem easily.

Another method to solve this problem is to use Plumber’s snake. It is a magical tool that all plumbers have and sure it doesn’t bite. First, you will dismantle the drainpipe and P-trap just below your kitchen sink. Then as the stub pipe is visible, mostly fitted behind one’s cabinet wall, you can put the plumber’s snake inside there and wait until your kitchen sink is unclogged.

Moreover, if you don’t have a plumber’s snake, you can use a coat hanger instead. It will work in the same way as a plumber’s snake.

Tips for Keeping Your Drain Smelling Fresh!

  • You can keep that notorious and unpleasant smell away by just making a mixture of dish soap, boiling water, and salt.
  • You can also add lemon but it’s all up to you.
  • Pour it in the sink.
  • It might freshen up the sink and the smell will vanish away.


So this is How to Unclog a Double Kitchen Sink with Standing Water and stay away from the clogging of the sink. We hope you got all your answers. One thing which I want to mention is that the main difference between the unclogging of single and double sinks is that you have to add a stopper in double sinks unclogging and the rest is the same.

Lastly, if this problem persists for a long time, it is better to call an expert plumber which may suggest to you the improvements you might need to make and give you a permanent solution. The experts are the best source to refer to when in difficulty!

We hope this article helped and you are now ready for your mission of unclogging!

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