10 Things That Can Change The Look of Your Room

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Most of us spend tons of time in our rooms. While planning or thinking about it, we say we use the bedroom only for sleeping but end up spending a lot of time in there. It’s not only for sleeping. You need to change the look of your room.

A bedroom can make your mood when you wake up or cast a relaxing spell when you are ready to go to bed or when you are spending countless hours on your smartphone.

If you are wondering what to upgrade in your room decor to make it livelier, give it a vintage look full of warm tones with a relaxing ambiance, then this is the right place for you and we have handpicked 10 Things That Can Change The Look Of Your Room.

Urban Shop Faux Fur Saucer Chair with Metal Frame

The empty corner in your room or dorm? Say no more! We have handpicked this perfect chair for you that would Change The Look Of Your Room, making it look more comfy and homely. Every room must have a chair or two. Any room without a chair would look incomplete.

So if you have enough space in your room for a chair, get this one! Or if your room is quite spacious, you can get two of these and make it look more sophisticated. This chair does not take more space; it is convenient to have it in a corner or just by the window.

The chair is the epitome of comfort, from the look of it, it completes the meaning of relaxation. Besides the comfortable ambiance it provides, it looks very casual yet very chic too. You don’t always come across chairs that can be casually looking and also acing at chicness. The chair 29” H x 32” W x 22” D in size, with a weight capacity of 225 lbs.

The chair can easily be assembled as it is foldable with a foldable foam with soft plush fabric. It is soft and gives faux fur-like feeling. The fabric looks luxurious and is very comfortable at the same time. It has a safety lock mechanism that prevents the chair from slipping or folding back when opened. The chair is quite spacious and very comfortable for reading, chilling or watching tv. So update your room with this soft and fluffy plush chair.

Pros & Cons

  • Faux fur plush saucer chair.
  • Safety lock mechanism.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Durable metal frame.
  • Other colors are more expensive than black.

Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light

Fairy lights have never failed in upgrading a room’s look from straight zero to ten! Ever feel like your room looks empty or incomplete, add a string of LED fairy lights. Your room will glow because of the addition. This next suggestion is also of fairy lights but more advanced as it is specially designed for hanging it in with a curtain or as a curtain string.

This will give you such a warm and cozy look to your room once lit up. Whether your lights are switched on or not, these LED fairy lights will complete the cozy ambiance by its warm glow.

This product is 6.6ft in width, and 9.8ft length with 300 warm white LED lights and a 29V voltage wire. They can easily be assembled and used as a curtain string over your curtain railing or you can also use them for outdoor parties for decoration. It serves as both indoors and outdoors. They are waterproof, so they can be easily used outdoors even if it rains, keep the switches away from the reach of the water.

The lights can be easily plugged in to switch on and off the lights. The LED curtain string lights come with settings of 8 modes; that is you can have combination, sequential, or in waves, or slogs, chasing or flash, slow fade, twinkle or flash, and steady on mode. However you want it to be lit up, you can choose it according to that. This is perfect for your curtains whether they are in the corner of the room or at the backside of your bed.

Pros & Cons

  • 300 LED fairy lights curtain string.
  • Warm white color.
  • Eight modes setting.
  • Brightness is full.
  • It does not come with a curtain.

U’Artlines 3PCS Total 19.7Ft Artificial Silk Flower

Take your home decor to the next level by getting these artificial hanging plants. Most of the time, we can’t keep actual real plants indoors because of the mess and the extra care it needs, but at the same time, they give a very fresh and homely look to a room. So to have the same feeling in your room, we have picked you just the right thing that can compensate the look of freshness real plants give.

We present to you these artificial rose vines that you can decorate your room with. You can hang them around your windows or dresser, or a mirror in your room. Or you can put them above your bed. You can also put them in a criss-cross frame to give an actual rose vine look. These vines will complete the fresh to Change The Look Of Your Room; it will make your room look 10 times more aesthetic.

This product comes with three pieces of these rose vines; they are about 6.5feet/200cm long each. Each vine comes with four roses; five rose beds and about 102 leaves. The rose flowers are small in size about 3.5in/9cm in diameter, while the rosebuds are 1.6in/4cm in diameter.

These roses are made of high-quality silk fabric and plastic. About 95% is sill and 5% is plastic. They are easy to assemble, you can undo the vine from the packaging and hang it anywhere you want in your room. There are holes at each end of the vine for hanging. They are flexible and easily bent. They look very natural; you can hang them around your furniture, bookshelves, doors or mirrors, etc.

Pros & Cons

  • Three pieces of rose vines.
  • Artificial plant.
  • 4 roses, 5 rose buds, 102 leaves.
  • It is made of silk and plastic.
  • You can install back the flower if it falls.
  • Flowers and leaves fall.

LOCHAS Ultra Soft Indoor Modern Area Rugs Fluffy

Bring comfort along with the contemporary design to your room by adding a rug that completes the chic luxury look of your room. This next item will upgrade the look of your room. This is a fluffy fur rug. As fur rugs never go out of style, they give such a nice and warm to look to your room.

Fluffy fur carpets not look comfortable but are highly comfortable as well; besides comfort, they give such a luxury look too. It is a beautiful rug that will Change The Look Of Your Room. You can put in your room; it feels so soft to the touch that you would enjoy just hanging out on the ground.

The fluffy top layer of fur is supported by velvet layer beneath it, with a much softer sponge interlayer along with an anti-slip dots that stick the carpet in one place. This altogether gives a very soft, comfortable and luxurious look to the rug. The fabric if the rug is thick and warm which protects you from the cold floor.

The size of this fluffy rug is 4 x 5.3 Feet (120 x 160 cm). The fur is thick and very velvet-like. It brings you the comfort that you seek. This rug comes in various colors, get the one that you know would look best with your room decor. The rug is made of non-toxic materials and is hypoallergenic. It should be vacuumed and not washed in a washing machine as the fur will be damaged. Get this rug for your room to make it look luxurious and comfortable at the same time.

Pros & Cons

  • Fluffy fur rug.
  • With velvet interlayer.
  • Anti-skid backing technology.
  • Made of 100% non-toxic materials.
  • Vacuum clean only.
  • Comfortable and luxurious.
  • Thin in size.

BAYKA Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Set of 3

Bring a warm and vintage look to upgrade the look of your room. The vintage and rustic look is trendy nowadays. So if you want to give a vintage touch to your room, you should get these shelves/floating racks for a much better look. This suggestion is very chic and useful at the same time too, as these shelves can be used for storing your things or decorations.

If you have a wall in your room that has nothing on it, and you want to decorate it with something to Change The Look Of Your Room, then here is your pick. Mount these shelves on to your wall and store your aesthetic decorations or books on it to make it look complete. The entire decor will give you a very warm look.

These wooden shelves come three in number, with a small, medium, and large-sized shelf. The shelves also come with triangular brackets that are stable and versatile. Each of the brackets is crafted carefully by hand soldering. These triangular brackets can be hung above the shelf or below it, as you want to go with it.

They are easy to assemble as the package comes with screws and drywall anchors, with a well-scripted manual that will help you out with the assembling of the shelves. The shelves are made of Paulownia wood and the brackets are made of metal. The woods are durable and can store a good amount of things on it. These shelves come in grey/white color and natural wood. Bothe the colors bring out the vintage look when mounted in a room.

Pros & Cons

  • Three pieces of wooden shelves.
  • I have made of Paulownia wood.
  • With six metal brackets.
  • Screws and anchors present in the package.
  • Capable of bearing load.
  • Vintage ambiance.
  • Simple installation.
  • Contemporary design with two modes of display.
  • Three different sizes.
  • Quality of screws not good.

Darice Silver Metal Marquee

Another suggestion for gearing up to Change The Look Of Your Room. Next in line, we have these silver metal marquee letters. Anything that lights up brings ten times of warmth and homeliness to your room than before. You can never go wrong with anything that illuminates, whether it is a lamp, strand of fairy lights or these metal marquee letters.

These will make your room look complete and give a comfortable ambiance. Yes, things as small as this can indeed bring a very big change to your room. These letters can be used as a solo, by just adding your name’s essential letter to your desk, wall or shelf. Or you can buy multiple letters and make up words like “Live, laugh or love,” or “Eat” if the room you are thinking to upgrade your kitchen.

You can come up with any small word which would look aesthetic if you put it up. Many youngsters have a “believe” hanging above their bed’s headstand or their desk. You can play around with the letters as you wish to.

These letters are made of metal, with tiny LED bulbs in them with an on and off switch at the back of them. They are operated by batteries and requires 2 AA batteries. Since they do not need a direct power supply, they are cordless. That is they have no wires attached to them to supply the power. They are 9. 87” tall in size. They give a pure industrial vintage look with rusty metal. It comes in two different colors of metal, one that has a white golden color, one that has silver metal. Both of them are perfect for your room if you think to Change The Look Of Your Room.

Pros & Cons

  • Alphabet letters made of metal with tiny bulbs.
  • Batteries power it.
  • It comes in silver and gold color.
  • Instratrial vintage look.
  • It is operated by an on/off switch.
  • No batteries included.

Magnolia Led Photo Clip Remote String Lights

Another suggestion for illuminating your room. Like said earlier, you can never go wrong with lights. LED lights are now taking over the home decor section. There are so many suggestions and ideas of things that you can come up with to decorate your room. This suggestion is related to LED lights too.

This is a very cute and girlish decor, mostly suitable for young girls. So if you are a teenager or an adult looking for girl room decor, then here is your pick. There are many DIYs for this product, but if you can get it at a reasonable price altogether, why not buy an already made-up product. This product is LED Photo Clip String Lights.

This is a perfect decor for putting up your memorable moments with friends and family with the help of the illuminating pegs that it has. These illuminating pegs and the memorable photos give such a warm feeling to the room decor. All the LED bulbs in the strand have a transparent clip/peg that you can use for holding pictures or any other small thing which brings out the perfect warm atmosphere.

These light bulbs are 20 in number and are about 8 inches apart from each other. You can hold up more photos or your art in that 8-inch gap between the lights. These lights have a remote that controls the modes of lighting, there are eight modes, namely Combination, in a wave, Sequential. Slo-Glo, Chasing/Flash, Slow fade, Twinkle/Flash, and Steady On. The remote also controls the switch on and off function of the lights. These lights are powered by 3AAA batteries. So get these LED lights for your room and get crafty with them.

Pros & Cons

  • 20 LED lights.
  • With transparent clips.
  • Remote control.
  • Eight modes of lighting.
  • Powered by 3AAA batteries.
  • Batteries not included.

Waneway Vanity Lights for Mirror

Here comes another option for lighting up your room with LED lights. If you want your dresser to have professional Hollywood lighting as the vanities backstage theaters have, then here is a pick that can upgrade your normal mirror dresser to a professional vanity dresser. This will illuminate your room and will give you a better look in the mirror. Now doing makeup would be more exciting and fun since brights lights can pop your makeup look.

These lights are perfectly designed for setting up your Hollywood mirror. You can stick them onto the mirror with the help of the industrial-grade stickers that make it hard for the bulbs to fall off. You can hide the wire behind the mirror or rotate the bulb to wrap the excess wire around it so it is not visible.

It comes with a 12V DC power supply adapter, and with a controller that turns on/off the lights. The controller can also dim the lights whenever you want to. The package comes with 10 LED lights. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself these lights to get yourself the Hollywood vanity you have always wanted.

Pros & Cons

  • 10 LED bulbs with adjustable wire.
  • 12V DC adapter.
  • Controller to switch on/off the lights.
  • The controller can also dim the lights.
  • Hollywood vanity setup.
  • Industrial grade peels off stickers.
  • Stickers are not too adhesive.

TomCare Cube Storage 6-Cube Organizer Shelves

Your room can be upgraded by having all your stuff organized. Now for organizing you need to have a clear space that can fill all your clutter, you can’t just keep piling organizing boxes over one another, that looks untidy for a room. We have got your back covered by suggesting you these organizer storage shelves, that you can just put in your room and have all your stuff neatly organized into it.

This organizing rack is made of plastic, and it is a complete DIY project; you have to assemble it with a hammer that is included in the package. It can be used to Change The Look Of Your Room room decor, books, garment baskets, etc. It has six cubicle sections for storage, each the size of the cube is 11.8x 11.8×11.8 inch. Each cube has 15 lbs load capacity. It is durable and waterproof. ABS connector is of high quality that secures the whole structure firmly. The iron wireframes the cubes. You can assemble them into any design you want as per your space.

Pros & Cons

  • Organizer shelves.
  • Six cubes shelves.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Durable and waterproof.
  • Per cube load capacity is 15 lbs.
  • It comes only in black color.

Indoor Relaxation Fountain

Talk about having a natural ambiance in your room that revives the love of nature in your atmosphere. Say no more! Because we have got you the perfect decoration you can have for your room, living room or drawing-room. This will upgrade your room by tenfold. This piece of decoration gives your room a luxurious and exotic look. Presenting to you this indoor fountain by Homedics! This fountain is not just a decoration but specifically designed to induce a relaxing environment.

You can now have nature’s sound at your tabletop with this relaxation fountain. The fountain has a natural water sound that soothes and calms your mind. It also has illumination in the fountain, which gives a nice warm ambiance to it. The fountain is inspired by Asian natural waterfall beauty.

The fountain has a submersible pump that activates the water flow. All you have to do is fill the basin to the water fill line and let the pump do its work while you enjoy the soothing and relaxing effects of this fountain. The fountain comes with an on/off switch that is supplied by power through a cord and plug. The sound of the water drop from the three tiers of the fountain with natural rocks is what makes the environment even more calming and soothing. Get your room this decoration to give yourself a romantic and soothing ambiance.

Pros & Cons

  • Indoor water fountain.
  • Three tiers with natural rocks.
  • Submersible water pump.
  • Illuminated fountain.
  • Asian beauty inspired.
  • On/off switch supplied by power through a cord and plug.
  • The water pump can be too noisy.


Now that you have been through the list of the ten best things that can Change The Look Of Your Room, you must have decided what to pick for your room. Please share with us your views and your picks in the comments down below. Also, if you have any extraordinary ideas, share them with us too, we’d like to know how to improve even better.

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