10 Stylish Office Decor for Your Work Space

How boring will it be to have your living space look the same all the time? It is especially important to keep your workplace beautiful otherwise definitely, an unpleasant environment downs the morale of doing daily tasks.

Personally, I am in love with decorating my office. I keep decorating it all the time and keep changing things every now and then to make my office look great. I mean, it’s amazing how you can put things differently and have a unique environment every time you look for a change.

Come on, it gets a little boring after some time sitting in the same space again and again, which is why you need to decorate it or change it once in a while.

When it comes to Office Decor, I get asked all the time about what would look the best in the office, what would suit it the best. Since it’s a professional premise, we have to put decent things and make your office look presentable and equally beautiful with the decor. Each and every workplace has a different environment, a different architecture, different room types, and obviously different wall paints.

So how can you cope up with all this and still manage to have the perfect decor for your workplace? For this reason, I’ve put together a list of my favorite workplace decor for you guys.

These stylish office decor items can effortlessly fit in any office space and make it look great.

Let’s get going.


Sophia’s Garden Pots Small Artificial Plants

This 6 piece set of succulent plants will add some green look to your office. The color and features of these plants look very realistic. Each plant of the 6 plants has a different look. It gives the look of outdoor beauty to the office. This decoration piece has a very modern look and consumes a small space. Because of its mini look, it looks cute yet decent.

Size of the Decoration Set

The diameter of the pots – 2.5 inches

Height of the pot – 2 inches

Shortest plant height – 2.5 inches

Tallest plant height 6 inches

This decoration item can be placed at various positions in the office. It can be placed at the coffee table, shelves, office desks, etc. You can place this at the reception counter of the office decor, or if you have a small staircase of 6-12 steps, you can place it there on every step or alternative step.

Pros & Cons

  • This  makes no dirty mess
  • This needs no proper care or watering
  • Does not have any mold growth
  • Color does not turn brown
  • The look is realistic
  • Though it may look realistic, it isn’t real. This will not contribute to freshen the air by producing oxygen.

Office Motivational Sign with Easel Backer Stand

Motivating the employees is very necessary to increase productiveness. This “10 Things That Require Zero Talent” are some advice to the employees in some polite words. This can act as a reminder to the employees about the rules of the office. This sign also comes with an easel back, which helps it to stand easily, or you can place it on the office wall.

This has a decent color of black and white, which suits the office look. The look and design of this decoration piece perfectly fit the office decor.

Size of the Decoration Piece

This decoration frame comes in the ideal size to fit wherever you want to place it or hang it on whichever wall you like. It has a width of 11 inches and a length of 17 inches. The sign is made by 5mm thick coroplast. This lets it easily stand to be hanged wherever you think is suitable.

Pros & Cons

  • It motivates the employees.
  • It reminds the office rules in a polite manner
  • It has an easy to read and size font, which makes it more readable.
  • It has decent colors suitable for an office look
  • Excessive handling may damage the decoration item.

Adjustable Desktop Bookshelves, Countertop Shelves

This is a compact, stylish, and versatile distress wooden shelf that is adjustable. This adds to the organization factor of your material and also is a decorative item to increase the attraction of your office. Because of the adjustability of these shelves, one can increase their desk or wall space. It can easily fit your surroundings. It is made up of rustic distressed wood. The design has 2 separate pieces. These pieces can be fully overlapped over one another to decrease the space it occupies. They can also be pulled apart to increase the storage place of this shelf. It can be used in the office decor to organize different things like books, tools and office supplies.

Size of the Shelves:

Height of the shelves- 15.7 inches

Width of the shelves- 30 inches (adjustable between 16-30 inches)

Length of the shelves – 6.7 inches

Pros & Cons

  • It helps organize your stuff at the office
  • Does not take much of your space
  • The shelves are adjustable
  • It clears your desk of unwanted material
  • Fits a variety of positions and angles
  • If you get it in white color, it may get dirty soon. Consider an alternate color.

Turquoise Expression Abstract Wall Art 5 Panel Modern

This abstract canvas is water-proof and ready to be hanged on the wall. It is printed rather than hand-painted using eco-ink resolution. The artwork, the stretcher, and the frames all are designed to make this decorative piece look flawless. It comes in turquoise color. This frameset is perfect for the office walls. It adds a bit of a decent color. Each panel has a hook of black color for easy mounting on the wall. There are 5 panels of blue\turquoise art to add to the beauty of your office.

Size of the Decorative Frames:

2 pieces size:

Width of frames – 8 inches

Height of the frames – 16 inches

2 pieces size:

Width of the frames – 8 inches

Length of the frames – 12 inches

1 piece size:

Width of the frames – 8 inches

Length of the frames – 20 inches

Overall size:

Width of the frames – 40 inches

Length of the frames – 20 inches

Pros & Cons

  • It has a fresh blue color
  • It gives a modern look to the office
  • It can be installed in pieces
  • It comes with proper hooks used to install the decor frame
  • You may not be able to find 40” X 20” space for this item in your office

Anjou Aromatherapy Diffuser

Aroma diffuser is for the addition of colorful items to the office decor and to refresh the atmosphere. The mist of the diffuser helps to spread the aroma in the whole office. This will not only refresh your mood but also help the clients be comfortable in your office. It can be used to mask the unpleasant odor in your office. It also humidifies the atmosphere as well.

Size and weight

Product dimension is:

Width of the diffuser – 5.7 inches

Length of the diffuser – 6.5 inches

Height of the diffuser – 6.5.

The average weight of the aroma diffuser is 1.4 pound

Pros & Cons

  • This refreshes the atmosphere
  • This can make your office smell good
  • Different aromas of oils can also help in relaxation
  • There are aromas which can be used for healing and other health benefits
  • Some people are allergic to aromas. They may find it difficult to work in such workspaces.

Deer with Teal Tree Antler Painting

Another canvas to decorate your office wall with. This is a printed image. High quality of eco-solvent ink is used in printing this image. It is water-proof and fade-resist. It is wrapped in pinewood bars, and the image continues around the sides. It is neatly packed on the back. No staples or tacks are attached or visible.


Width of the painting – 12 inches

Length of the painting – 16 inches

PIeces of the painting – 2

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to install
  • It is water-proof
  • It has the property of fade-resist
  • Pinewood bars are used.
  • The colors may not match the theme of your office

Croton Seven Chakra Natural Gemstone Crystal Tree

It is believed that gemstones may cure negative vibes in the environment. Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Carnelian, Green Adventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Yellow Adventurine, and red jasper will help fight all the negativity of your office environment. This is a beautiful tree you can place anywhere to increase office decor. It looks divine and has attractive colors. It is also believed that these stones promote better professional life and wealth.


It is 10-12 inches handmade in India

Pros & Cons

  • It has attractive colors and a beautiful look
  • It has healing powers
  • It removes negative vibes
  • It promotes professional betterment
  • Some people may be reluctant to buy this due to superstitions.

Mind Reader Coffee Condiment Organizer

This is perfect for those coffee lovers out there. This is a perfect organizer for your coffee ingredients and tastemakers. It comes in black and white in color. Its elegant look adds beauty to space. It is a compact unit to hold different stuff ideally made for coffee ingredients. It has chrome handles that add style to the modern decor. It can hold all your essential items including sugar, cups, stirrers, and napkins along with the other ingredients of the coffee.

Size and Weight of the coffee Condiment Organizer

Weight is – 1 pound

Width of the organizer – 5.39 inches

Length of the organizer – 12.06 inches

Height of the organizer – 11.02 inches

Attractive Features

  1. It organized your stuff
  2. It helps you avoid the messy shelves
  3. It helps you avoid rifling through the cabinets.

Dis-Attractive Features

  1. White color may get dirty soon
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G-WACK Stress Relief Desk Toys, SPOLEY Sculpture

It is perfect for all the people who get stressed out in office hours due to workload. This adds beauty, increase office decor and helps relieve stress. It is kind of a therapeutic toy.  With a black stand, it comes with 221 grey color balls with a magnetic base that sticks together. Whenever you feel stressed, you can just take a break and play with these balls. These balls are of variable sizes to fit perfectly in your hand. It can be placed anywhere in the office. The most suitable place is the office desk near your reach.

Size and Weight of this Decorative Item:

Weight of the sculpture – 12 ounces

Width of the sculpture- 3 inches

Length of the sculpture – 1.9 inches

Height of the sculpture- 3.7 inches


Attractive Features

  1. This is a perfect stress reliever
  2. You can keep it in your reach and play with it whenever you feel stressed.
  3. It takes up minimum space.
  4. It has a therapeutic effect.

Dis-Attractive Features

  1. This decorative piece has small balls that can be swallowed by mistake. So it should be kept out of the reach of children.
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Greenco 5 Tier Wall Mount Corner Shelves

Greenco 5 Tier Wall Mount Corner Shelves

Another one of the shelves. But this one can not be used for the organization of things. This is used for the placement of more decorative items. It is a 5 tier wall mount corner shelves. It is made up of durable MDF laminate. It has a beautiful walnut finish that can complement any time of color theme of the office decor. It will look good in any way. It can be installed in your workspace anywhere to increase the attractiveness for the clients as well as the employees.

Size and Weight

Width of the shelves – 7.75 inches

Length of the Shelves – 7.75inches

The height of the shelves is 48.5 inches.

Weight of the whole Shelf setup is 5.86 pounds

Attractive Features

  1. It can be paired up with the Sophias’ garden pots small artificial succulent plant decorative item to be placed on it increase attractiveness.
  2. It has a color that suits and compliments every type of color theme of the workspace.
  3. It is easily mountable.
  4. It is made of durable MDF laminate

Disattracitive Feature

  1. It comes in pieces, and you have to assemble it yourself.
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Advantages of Office Decor:

The office decor is very important for the profitability of the company. When a person starts counting the importance and advantages of office maintenance, the list will grow very long.

  1. The clients will have a good impression.
  2. This helps in the mood elevation of the workers.
  3. These employees are always engaged in work as they have elevated good moods.
  4. Companies that provide good relaxation space and privacy are often valued by the employees.
  5. The boring and dull office can decrease the employee’s interest in work.

There are many things you can do to an office to make it look better. For example:

Changing the color theme f0r office decor. When you change the color theme, select some fresh and decent color, which boosts the mood. But you have to be careful, make it look professional as well.

Add some plants and greens to your office. The fresh oxygen helps the employees be fresh and more productive. The vibrant green color is a mood elevator, as well. And the more elevated mood an employee has, the more will be the productivity.

Add some artwork to your office. This will make your workspace look nice and improves the mood of employees. Art is something people get inspired. You definitely want to give some boost and inspiration to your employees.

The quality and quantity of lighting in your office plays a huge role in the productivity of the company. With dull and insufficient light, employees would feel lazy. This will make the employees delay their work. If you keep the lights of your office too bright, this is also a problem. The lights will strain the eyesight of employees. They would not be able to work.


The office decor is very important to increase productivity. This adds an aesthetic look to the office which makes it attractive for the clients and employees. Clients will have a good impression of your office and will want to come back for more business. In this way, it will increase productivity. Another way how it impacts productivity is the effect of the environment on the employees. The leader has to attract the employees and people coming for being hired so that they can work their best and make the company prosperous.

If you want to ask my opinion, turquoise expression abstract wall art 5-panel modern teal canvas print painting will suit best for your office. It has those vibrant and fresh colors that will motivate you and pump you up for more work. It can be easily installed as it comes in pieces. The artwork, the stretcher, and the frame all work so well together. It would complement the look of your office. It will also represent your mind. The cool color represents a cool and calm attitude that one should have at work. Yet the spark of the bluish turquoise vibrant color represents the enthusiasm one needs for working in a professional environment.


In Conclusion, I hope you found my personal collection of the best office decor items for your workplace amazing and worth picking a decor item or two from.

These decor items perfectly fit the walls, corners, surfaces of any workplace to make it look more interesting and comforting. I’m sure you’ll love the look of your workplace even more with such decor as you pass by.

Let me know if you need more help! I’m always available to help those who need it in decorating their workplace with the best decor items.

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