Top 10 Baby Crib Mattresses

Is there a baby coming to your home? As amazing as it is to finally find out that you are becoming a parent, you got to go out and start shopping for your Baby. In your heart, you know that baby shopping is going to be hard.

Even harder if you are expecting your first baby and have no idea what to get and what to skip or what would be the right kind of stuff to get.

The confusion escalates as you go through different shops looking at different things and not having any idea what you may use them for. One of the trickiest things to choose is the crib mattress for the baby.

When choosing Crib Mattress the most common question that pop-up in our minds is how big is a crib mattress should be! And I have answered that question with detail hopefully you’ll get all the possible answers you are looking for!

You don’t know what kind of foam is good for the baby, what may be too hard or too soft, what may make him uncomfortable. I have been there, and I know exactly how you may be feeling. We love our babies, and we cannot afford to compromise on their comfort.

So, don’t you get worried, I have got you covered with this list of different kinds of baby mattresses for baby cribs. Your baby is going to be happy as a fresh Sunday morning and sleep very comfortably.

Baby Crib Mattresses Buyers’ Guide

In this guide, you’ll find some of the best Crib mattresses and also detailed reviews about them!

  • Quality:

Quality should never be comprised. Quality matters big time when choosing the Best Baby Crib Mattresses. Do not waste your money by buying a mattress that does not promise you good quality. Make sure before your purchase that all the stuff used in the mattress is of high quality. The better the quality, the more it will last you long.

  • Fitness:

The first thing is to check its fitness. You don’t want to buy a mattress that is not fit for your crib. It must fall into your crib perfectly without it moving with the baby’s movements.

Make sure you check if it is fit in your crib or not by putting two fingers between the mattress and the crib, if your fingers perfectly fit, the mattress is too small for the crib, hence not fitting at all. So make sure the Best Baby Crib Mattresses must fit and falls into the right dimensions of the crib.

  • Guarantee & Warranty:

The guarantee of a mattress that it will last longer must be kept on your checklist while shopping for it. A guarantee is a mere surety that this mattress will last long. Whereas, warranty of up to one year or 2 is okay, do not be excited by 5 years or more warranty as most of the time they do not give you a quality product. So go for the right warranty of Baby Crib Mattresses, which also comes with the right features.

  • Reliable Brand:

When you are looking for Best Baby Crib Mattresses, always go for a reliable brand that will promise you a quality mattress. Do not be overwhelmed by flashy ads; do thorough research on a brand before you buy from them. Mostly, your crib’s brands offer you mattresses as well, so a crib and mattress from the same brand can work better. Besides, you have many choices to choose from.

  • Do Not Choose Any By The Cover:

The look of the mattress does not matter as you are already going to cover it with sheets anyway. So do not choose any by the look of it. A fancier mattress cannot give you a long-lasting quality; it is better you choose one that promises you good quality. A pretty or unpleasing to look will do you no better.

  • Firmness:

The firmness of a mattress is a priority. Any mattress that forms the shape of you on it is not firm. It will, with time, form an impression on the mattress and will be leveled down.

Therefore, to check firmness, always check it by pressing your hand in the center of the mattress, if it the mattress snaps back readily, that is the one, it’s firm. If it makes an impression of your hand and does not fall back in place at once, it is not your pick.

  • Independent Certification:

One of the main things to keep in check is the certification seals on Best Baby Crib Mattresses, either by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) or GreenGuard Gold. They are tested for various chemicals and therefore are not hazardous for your child. Make sure you do notice the 100% organic seal on them.

  • Waterproof:

Some mattresses are waterproof; it depends entirely on your mood, whether you’d want one or not. Waterproof mattresses have their pros and cons; you can check those before deciding for one. It is not necessary to purchase an entire waterproof mattress, but at the same time, it will cut you much slack.

  • Durability:

The durability of a mattress is a must. You must check for how long can it serve you. If you are planning to reuse your mattress for your next baby, then make sure you purchase a durable mattress that can serve you that long. An average mattress can give you a good seven or more years of durability.

  • Used Mattresses:

Expert’s advice, never go for used mattresses as you never know they had been used by the previous users. No matter how clean they may seem, they can have any infections that can result in harming your baby or toddler. Spend money once but right, by buying a brand new one.

  • Density:

The density of the mattress is also sized related. The denser it will be the heavier. Mostly, the ones that are denser are better. Test mattresses before purchase by pressing them, if they do not allow to be pressed too deep, they are dense.

  • Cost:

Finally, and the most important thing to keep in check is the cost. Do not overspend or compromise quality by getting a low-priced mattress to save money. Make sure all your requirements meet for the price of the mattress.

Put your money right, and choose among the best baby crib mattresses from the ten best baby crib mattresses we’ve picked for you!

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Graco Premium Foam Crib And Toddler Mattress in a Box

Infants need a mattress that offers high breathability for safety reasons, therefore ventilated mattresses are best. Graco Premium Foam Crib & Toddler Bed Mattress is a breathable mattress made from high-quality foam that allows airflow, which provides comfort to your baby while resting.

The mattress is composed of an embossed quilted polyester cover with moisture barrier, fire barrier, separation barrier, polyurethane foam that allows airflow.

The firmness of the mattress is top-notch as firmness can play a great role in the shape of your baby’s body.

It weighs 10.7 pounds and is 27.6 x 52 x 5 inches in size. The mattress is washable, with a water-resistant cover. Moreover, it is GreenGuard Gold certified, so your baby’s safety is in check.

  • Breathable foam.
  • Airflow technology.
  • Water-resistant cover.
  • GreenGuard Gold certified.
  • Sometimes comes with an odour.

Milliard 2-Inch Ventilated Memory Foam Crib/Toddler Bed Mattress

Comfort is not compromised in this mattress; your baby will enjoy the softness and soothing texture of the mattress.

This mattress is 17 x 9 x 8 inches in size which can be perfect for any average-sized crib, it’s density is 2.5 pounds, and will last long without losing shape.

The mattress comes with a waterproof cover that not only is washable but hypoallergenic. So you need not worry about the diaper crises at night, you can easily wash it and put it back on.

Moreover, the safety of your child is promised. It is CertiPUR-US certified as well as hypoallergenic, as mentioned earlier, hence providing a safe environment for your baby

  • A bestseller on Amazon. (At the time of review)
  • CertiPUR-US certified.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Ventilated foam.
  • A little smaller than a crib mattress.

Newton Baby Crib Mattress And Toddler Bed

Your baby’s comfort should be a priority; Newton’s baby crib mattress ensures that priority by giving you the utmost comfortability. This mattress has a temperature regulating technology that regulates the temperature and prevents overheating and sweaty backs, giving your baby quality sleep.

It also provides a breathe-thru technology that ventilates the air. Same as airflow technology, it prevents suffocation and rebreathing of CO2. The mattress is 54.5 x 29 x 7 inches in size and 11 pounds in weight.

The mattress is waterproof and washable; it comes with a patented Wovenaire core with a 2-stage cover for ultimate longevity, it is specially designed for long-lasting periods therefore washable. GreenGuard Gold certified it is 100% recyclable.

  • Prevent Suffocation.
  • Breathe-Thru technology.
  • Non-Toxic.
  • Not a 100% Waterproof

Naturepedic Breathable Organic Crib Mattress

Get a comfortable Best Baby Crib Mattresses for your little one by spending money right. It is a tough choice, but Naturepedic Breathable Organic Crib Mattress will appeal you enough with its features. This mattress is 100% organic, which means all the stuff used is recyclable and healthy for the environment.

Starting with cotton, it is made of cotton, passing all flammability requirements. It is a breathable mattress with a 3D mesh that allows the air to exchange, hence preventing the risk of suffocation and rebreathing of CO2.

It is light in weight about 20.3 pounds and 52 x 27.5 x 6 inches in size. Purely natural, green, and hypoallergenic. That means flame retardants, latex, PU Foam, soy, vinyl/PVC, phthalates, formaldehyde.

It is also waterproof, with a waterproof core that can be used as a standalone mattress for cribs. It is certified by GOTS and GreenGuard Gold for non-toxic sleep, keeping an organic and healthy environment for your baby.

  • Purely organic.
  • Certified by GreenGuard Gold and GOTS.
  • It can be used for cribs and toddler beds.
  • Breathable mattress. 
  • A little costly.
  • A little hard on the infant’s side.
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Dourxi Crib and Toddler Mattress

One of Amazon’s best sellers. It is a ventilated matter with airflow technology that provides breathability, so your baby can have a sound sleep and comfort.

The mattress comes in a box, so it is better if you let it expand for 72 hours after unboxing so it can come to its actual shape. Polyurethane made a foam that allows airflow as well as the firmness of the foam, so no need to worry about any impressions made on the foam that can affect your baby’s body.

It is 52 x 27½ x 5 inches in size and 10.4 pounds in weight; it can fit any standard full-size crib or toddler bed.

It grants a ten-year warranty for manufacturer defects in the product. Furthermore, it promises a safe and healthy environment for your baby because it is CertiPUR certified!

  • Quiet foam.
  • Lightweight
  • CertiPUR certified.
  • A little pricey.

NapYou Dual Comfort Crib Mattress

One of the best picks from Amazon about the Best Baby Crib Mattresses is NapYou’s dual comfort crib mattress that offers comfortability like none other. It is 30 x 9 x 9 inches in size and 10.3 pounds in weight. Perfect for standard-size cribs as well as toddler beds.

It has a supportive layer in the foam that helps keep your baby’s posture supported and firm. It is a dual comfort mattress that means it has two sides, a firmer side for babies and a relatively softer side for toddlers.

You can easily wash the mess your baby makes because it has a waterproof cover that is convenient to clean.

  • Dual comfort.
  • Waterproof cover.
  • It is made with organic cotton.
  • CertiPUR US certified.
  • Less firm compared to others.

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Dual Sleep Surface Crib Mattress

Moonlight Slumber brings you their best mattress for baby cribs, Little Dreamer Dual Sleep Surface Mattress. It is not lightweight, but the firm is giving you the best quality a crib mattress can give. Your baby is offered a 2 stage sleep system that is a dual side sleep system.

As said earlier, the softness of the mattress is unmatched; it comes with a nice plush and soft yet eco-friendly and organic foam inside. It is easy to clean, therefore, washable. It also is water-resistant and can be cleaned with a damp sponge. The size of the mattress is 27.5 x 5 x 52 inches while it weighs 10.75 pounds.

Its performance is tested to give quality, durability, and safety. Moonlight Slumber’s The Little Dreamer is GreenGuard Gold and CertiPUR Certified.

  • Water-resistant.
  • Odor resistant.
  • GreenGuard Gold and CertiPUR certified.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Bed Bug and Dust Mite Resistant.
  • Dual-sided sleep system.
  • Not enough firmness.

Beautyrest Beginnings Sleepy Whispers Crib and Toddler Mattress

This mattress is specially designed and made for your baby’s comfort, it comes with 231 luxury Pocketed Coil Springs for even support for your baby and even toddlers, as it can be used for toddlers too.

Superior Woven fabric cover offers water and stain resistance. Dual comfort system, as the firmer side for infants and a softer side for toddlers. GreenGuard Gold and CertiPur US certified. It is 27.5 x 6 x 52 inches in size and weighs 26 pounds.

  • Dual-sided feature for infants and toddlers.
  • Toxin-free.
  • Nontoxic construction.
  • Easy to clean.
  • GreenGuard Good and CertiPUR US certified.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Reinforced border protection and Innofoam corner protectors provide stability.
  • Too heavy.

Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed

Another one from Newton Baby! But this time, this one comes with more features and exciting colors like cloud white, moonlight grey, sunrise pink, sky blue.

This matter is for both infants and toddlers because it has a 2 stage system that offers a softer side for toddlers and a firmer side for infants. It is 52 x 28 x 5.5 inches in size and 11 pounds in weight, which is an average crib mattress size.

It also comes with an innovative Breathe-Thru feature that allows the airflow through the mattress, which prevents suffocation and rebreathing of CO2, keeping your baby in a safe and healthy environment.

Moreover, it is also GreenGuard Gold certified and highly recommended by pediatricians for your baby’s growth, posture development, and safety.

Temperature regulating foam inside that prevents overheating. It is washable, therefore durable, and long-lasting.

  • GreenGuard Gold certified.
  • Newton Baby is awarded Family Choice and Mom’s Choice Award for the best products.
  • 2 stage firmness.
  • Prevents suffocation overheating.
  • Breathe-Thru system.
  • Temperature regulator.
  • Four exciting colours.
  • Sometimes come with an odor.

Sealy Baby Firm Rest Waterproof Standard Toddler & Baby Crib Mattress

Sealy Baby, an award-winning brand, makes one of the best sleep products that offer quality comfort for babies and toddlers. It is 27.2 x 5.5 x 51.6 inches in size and weighs 14.93 pounds.

It features a temperature regulating system as well as two dual-stage firmness by having heat tempered interwoven steel coil with comforting cushions on each side, which also gives the mattress firmness, which helps support the baby’s posture.

It is breathable, and safe because it comes with a waterproof cover that provides hospital-grade antibacterial protection keeping your little one safe and healthy. It also is GreenGuard Gold certified. It is durable and has long-lasting firmness, that is both tested and certified. t comes with a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.

  • 204 High coil count.
  • GreenGuard Gold certified.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Waterproof surface.
  • Firmness can be compromised.


I have made sure to include all different kinds of baby mattresses that you may like to select from; there are different kinds of quality, fitness, and features in the foams at a variety of prices.

When buying crib mattresses you also need a good crib for that mattress that is why I have provided a proper review guide about the 10 best baby cribs to buy in 2020

It will be very easy for you to decide by now, but just make sure that you know everything about what you need and like. I would hate to have you spend money on something that isn’t the right one for you.

Babies are little angels, and we all want them to be comfortable. There may not be anything as peaceful to look at as a sleeping baby’s face. Your baby will be comfortable and peaceful in these mattresses, and you will not have any complaints about them.

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